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For many people, there is still a picture of yogis as people who sleep on a bed of nails, walking barefoot on hot coals and broken glass. Some believe yoga way of physical perfection, while others treat it as a kind of occult system.

As the ancient writings, yoga — is, first of all, harmony and concord of body and soul. If the body is "at odds" with the soul, the harmony in life is difficult to achieve. Harmony with yourself and the world around them, which in recent years has become more and more aggressive and violent achieved a daunting inside job. Yoga — a philosophical system, which originated in India centuries and form their own tradition, or not to accept that modern man resolves on its own.

Modern science has stepped far in the treatment of various diseases, conservation and renewal of youth. But we gradually forget about the tools that have been tested even decades and centuries. After a long time ago people also followed the health, looking for the elixir of youth, and women have tried to perpetuate its appeal and is very successful in this.


In our mad century man is not easy to cope with daily problems arise as a result of stress, illness exacerbated old, and new. In addition, most conflicts tend to occur in the heat of passion when emotions take up the mind. Many people are in constant tension throughout the day, forget, and some just do not know about simple and accessible to everyone how the relaxation offered by yoga. You can apply them in everyday life: at work, at school and even in traffic.

First of all — breathing exercises. What is it? This is an opportunity to relax for a short while disconnected from the problems to calm jitters, focus. Breathing is directly linked to our emotions, in what state we are in, so will your breath. Excitement, anger, resentment lead to fast or difficult breathing, and tranquility, relaxation soothe him. Typically, a person is breathing or chest or stomach, not using the full capacity of the lungs. Exercise, which offers us a yoga called "full breath." This allows efficient use of the entire volume of the lungs, regardless of the amount of air inhaled. This technique can significantly improve the respiratory gas exchange in the lungs, increase blood oxygen saturation, to improve its purification of carbon dioxide and as a result, improve the physical and emotional condition stabilized. Breath should start with the stomach, and then breathe the rib cage and collar bone to stay in the area. Exhalation takes place in reverse order.

To master this exercise is simple, and, having practiced for 3-5 minutes each day, you can achieve good results and gain self-control skills. In addition, if a person is sluggish and not ready to go, take a breath should be active, and if it is too excited anything, the exercise should be performed at a slow pace. Second, to help take the pressure off the fire. Replace the great flame of the fire in the modern world can be a candle. Fire has long been considered a purifying force. After looking at the flame for a few minutes, we'll be able to relax, to rest the eyes. Yoga offers every morning to watch the sun come up, because as the ancients said, "Who saw the sun rise, that energy for the whole day."

Third, the large role played by the colors that surround us at home and in the workplace. For example, blue yoga finds cold and soothing. It is suitable for people with nervous and hard work. Yellow — the color of joy, has positive energy. If trouble overpowered, surround yourself with yellow palette. The green color in yoga is called the color of nature, the unity with which to relax and allow your body and soul.

Massaging, then molodeem … and not only …

That in addition to the cream, nourishing masks and other attributes of modern cosmetology allows you to save and prolong youthfulness of the skin? Of course massage. You can hardly compare the rejuvenating effects of massage with something else, well, except maybe plastic surgery.

Yoga attributes rejuvenating massage, health-improving and relaxing effect. With regular massage strengthens facial muscles, wrinkles, heal certain skin complexion.

Anti-aging effect can be achieved by performing daily massage brushes. The idea of this massage offered Onishchenko Statcenko, Rector of the Institute of Yoga. "Every woman on the dressing table — he says — is a set of cosmetic brushes. Massaging their cheeks, forehead, chin, "clockwise" we do not stretch the skin with your fingers, gently and are working on it. Light pleasant touch of a natural bristle promote relaxation and calm the nervous system. "

Massage and yoga can help with health problems. If you rub the phalanges of the thumbs up and down and side to side area between the eyebrows (the area of the "third eye") — you can take a gentle headache. And, making the index fingers a circular motion around the wings of the nose from the bottom up at the bottom and top to bottom at the tip, you can avoid the common cold, sinusitis, and some colds. But self-medicate with yoga is still not worth it. If you have a serious health problem, then, first of all, seek medical attention.

You can quickly relieve tension with a relaxing massage. Close your eyes and gently rub your eyelids with fingers from the nose to the side, eyes closed, rotate the clockwise and counter-clockwise, then do some quick eyelid movements.

Furthermore, there are zones on the face directly connected to the internal organs. Massaging them can, for example, to calm a cough, or relieve pain. At the end of the massage yoga advises to "washing your face": rub, activating, palms, bring them to the middle of the forehead, holding together, to feel the heat coming from them, dilute his hands to his temples and gently rounding the contours of the face, along the cheek to lower them to the neck, where they have to get close again. To hold them down along the sternum, to repeat these movements 3-4 — times (movement reminiscent of washing your face).

Daily washing the face can be performed using melt water, which was used by our ancestors. Such water is considered to be in yoga energetically charged and clean. Using the same with its herbal decoctions or natural oils, we deliver our skin "ineffable bliss."

In addition to massage and yoga recommends exercises for the face, which improves the power of facial, masticatory muscles, muscles of the tongue and throat, strengthens teeth and gums.

You can simply and effectively fight wrinkles throughout the day by using simple exercises — much to lighten up together and turns 20-25 times. This exercise is a good prevention of wrinkles. In addition, "pogrimasnichayte" front of the mirror in the morning — and the mood and lift the facial muscles "razomnetsya."


Most professions associated with long and motionless sitting or standing. Thus, we put her body undeserved "torture." Blood circulation, muscles do not work, become flabby, the spine is curved and "revenge" us great pain.

Gymnastics yoga heals the body, promotes flexibility, strengthens muscles, making the body beautiful. Regular physical exercise strengthens and develops the joints, relieve them from the salt deposits, strengthen the skeletal system, make the spine flexible. In addition, gymnastics helps strengthen and restore the nervous system and rejuvenates the entire body, coached by the vestibular system and improves the synchronization of human movement.

Exercises or asanas, as they are called yoga for a workout in the workplace will not take much time, they will not need a large space. Sitting on a chair, put your hands up and stretch. Will strain the muscles and then relax, which will contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, relaxation. If you sit all day in a chair, then eventually begin to notice that there were unpleasant or even back pain. As a precaution offers yoga exercises that will help strengthen the back muscles. Stand upright, feet put at a distance of about 30 cm from each other. Raise your hands above your head. Slowly tilt the body back while bending your knees. Dip your hands down and grab their ankles. Zaprokinte then head back and prediction back.

Stand upright, feet together, hand in hand. Raise your hands up. Slowly bend so that the upper part of the body formed a right angle with your feet. Look forward, keep your back straight — parallel to the floor. Straighten up. This exercise will help get rid of some problems with the spine.

Also important psychological effect of gymnastics: increased activity, there is a surge of vitality, lost blues and melancholy, bitter enemies of the modern man, raises mood and vitality man writes (

"Fragrant" helpers

The history of herbs and essential oils is lost in the mists of time. Since ancient times, people have turned to nature for using tinctures, decoctions, oils for the treatment of diseases in the rituals of everyday life as a flavoring agent. Advantages of aromatic plants beyond antiseptic or anti-inflammatory properties. It is well known that the smell is able to relive memories, to change a person's mood and improve his health. Aromatic oils — a tool that confers human interior comfort and balance.

The peculiarity of essential oils is the diversity of their capabilities used in medicine, cooking, psychology, cosmetics, perfumes, home. Yoga advises to use essential oils as a natural way to maintain a good psychological and emotional and physical fitness. The flavors allow you to catch the daily stress, prevent the development of diseases, eliminate pain, give our life variety.

Aromatherapy, as well as massage has healing and rejuvenating powers of nature. It is the access to the situations in which the medicine is sometimes willing to give up. Headache? Massage your temples with a drop of peppermint oil. Tired of the day, the forces at the end? Take an aromatic bath with lavender oil. Difficulty breathing, overcame a bad cough? Make inhalation with eucalyptus oil. Planned a romantic date? Light a candle in the room with the scent of roses.

Watch for visual appeal, we have learned, but inner beauty is much more difficult to protect. Modern problems, worries and fears do not make us younger, prettier or nicer. And it might be worth at least sometimes seek advice from those ancient traditions that are taught to live in peace and harmony with the world and ourselves? Happy is he who has found harmony.

Elena Sumin


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