Zhang Hong Ming — Human-chimp

It has been repeatedly published online articles that talked about the mysterious disease: hypertrichosis universalis, a congenital disease in which children are born with thick hair on the body and face. Today introduce you to someone who has on his body a hair strange birthmark, known as well as the hair giant mole. His name is Zhang Hong Ming (Zhang Hongming) from Chongqing, south-eastern China.

Such formations on the body are not more than 3% of the world population.
It's a birthmark in Zhang's from birth, according to him, caused him a lot of inconvenience to all of his adult life, but his family was very poor, and he could not get proper treatment.

"Wool has become my worst nightmare and a curse since my birth," — says Zhang.

Initially, told Zhang, he was just ugly birthmark, but when he was eight years old, from his hair began to grow, more rough and tough than on his head. By ten years of his left arm, torso and back were covered with dense hair.

For years, he was attacked first by classmates, and then work colleagues.

"When I started to grow into hair, it became an object of ridicule for her friends, classmates, neighbors, friends and even some relatives — with sadness in his voice recalls Zhang Hongming. — The first time when I appeared crowds of people who were discussing my eyes poked a finger at me and showed me to my ugliness. In high school I was a "black sheep" — a remarkable little creatures, take a look at that literally came running to all and sundry during breaks. Then me and started calling "Chimpanzee." Do not be surprised if by the time my real name no one knew, but "Chimpanzee" was well-known in the entire city and surrounding areas. "

Manual Plastic Surgery Clinic «Hua Mei» Zhang proposed to pass a free course of treatment, after it heard a harrowing story. Now man-"Chimpanzee" was nominated for six procedures, and it will soon completely get rid of him so hated wool.



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