01.08.12.Gibel fish in the reservoir Sutiskom


01.08.12.V Sutiskom Reservoir, located on the Southern Bug River within Tyvrovskogo district, which uses software "Gnivanchanka", a mass death of fish.

This was reported in the local media. This information is verified by the prosecution Vinnitsa region.

Found that the results of water analysis conducted by the State Ecological Inspectorate Laboratory in Vinnitsa, maximum permissible concentration is not established, performance compliance.

According to the examination of the Vinnytsia Regional Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine in dead specimens of aquatic living resources of infectious and parasitic diseases, organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds not detected, diagnosed — asphyxia of unknown etiology.

This conclusion is recommended to the user of a water body to carry out measures to prevent the ingress of toxins in the water, which are formed during the flowering weed growth and development of the unicellular green algae (green water).

Source: Pres-prosecution services Vіnnitskoї of Region, Vineyard com

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