02.08.12.Zhivodery 12,500 dogs poisoned in Samara


02.08.12.Massovye killing animals on the streets of Samara continued for more than six months. According to official figures Ltd. "BIS", waste disposal of animals killed by 12.5 thousand dogs, corpses which volunteers were sent for examination.

Veterinarians found that mongrels poison anticoagulants, which are part of rat poison. Blood stops rolling, and the animals die from internal bleeding.

Zoozaschitniki wrote a statement to the police.

— We are outraged by this situation! Suffer at the hands of murderers, not only pooch, but also dogs that have owners. People are afraid to release their pets into the street — the member of the board of the regional animal protection societies, "Participation" Irina Blinov.

Eliminate the consequences of the doghanterov, leaving the bodies of animals on the streets, we have the local administration.

— Killed animals must be disposed of on the money. Our contractors are taken every day the bodies of quadrupeds in the area of special landfills. City Hall struggles with stray animals, but a more humane way. We catch dogs Socko and deliver on veterinary base where doctors test for infection. Healthy dogs were sterilized and released, and the patients are euthanized — commented on Life News in the Department of Urban and Environmental Administration of Samara region.

Zoozaschitniki overwhelmed police departments statements which described the terrible facts of abuse. The last two security officials still accepted.

— Now on the complaint of procedural checks conducted. Careful investigation, after which we will take a decision on a criminal case under article "Cruelty to animals" — Life News commented on the Interior Ministry of Samara.

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Marina Shabanov

Source: Life News

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