03.08.12.S beginning of the year in Bulgaria found 59 dead dolphins


.A dead dolphin

03.08.12.Kak said "Darik", experts of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Burgas alarmed.

From the beginning, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria found 59 corpses of dolphins, and the number of dead animals continues to grow. During the same period last year there were only 21 cases of finding the dead dolphins.

In Bulgaria, the dolphin killing is a criminal offense, and attempts on the life cetacean entails a fine of BGN 100 to 5000 (from 2000 to 100 000 rubles.). However, the overwhelming number of dead dolphins experts do not find traces of a violent death.

Scientists believe that marine animals are dying because of climate change, as the increase in the number of deaths of dolphins is also recorded on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, Romania and Georgia.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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