05.07.12.Gibel fish Krasnokamsk


05.07.12.Sudak, pike, perch … A large number of dead fish lying along the shore near the village of Bor End Permkogo edge. "What happened?" — Call excited readers to the newspaper "Krasnokamsk star."

The specialists there are several versions of what happened. A major cause of death in the Kama fish could be on water pollution or waste petroleum companies located upstream. Another version, which requires a thorough check — fish disease. In hot weather, they are aggravated, and the fish dies.
Residents themselves Krasnokamsk believe that the dead fish — the result of two river cranes — drag that take gravel and sand near the scene of the death of the fish. The logic is simple — powerful electric muffle the fish, which washes the shore just downstream of the Kama, where the river makes a turn.
Head of the Committee for Environmental Protection Sergey Koksharov promised to hold its review into the death of the fish.

Alice Romanov

Source: Krasnokamsk star

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