06.07.12.Gibel fish in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


06.07.12.Na days, local residents discovered a large number of goldfish floating belly up, and on the surface of the water — a giant red spot. Now, people are afraid to fish and swim.

On the lake today Baltym no tourists, only dead fish floating in the water — the part of the already washed ashore. Passers around this place. "40 degrees is worth. I especially do not go fishing, because the fish pull out — it dead. "

Here suggest that the fish began to die from bad water, three days ago, local residents found a great spot on the surface of the reservoir, saying it was a width of about four meters. The consistency of brown water is a bit like oil, says a resident of the village sanatorium.

Water quality is really suspicious to check its composition, we take a sample for analysis and took her to the CPS — the water to check on the day and took the sanitary inspectors. During the week, the liquid will be screened for their compliance with sanitary-chemical and microbiological parameters. Yevgeny Belov: "Today while the sample is not ready. The reason that happened is really impossible to say yet, but the results of the research will be to make any conclusion. "

Until you are ready to test results, experts advise people to refrain from swimming in the water and not to use water from the lake for washing dishes.

Source: OTV Yekaterinburg

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