08.08.12.Zamor fish pond in the Seversky


08.08.12.V city Polevskoy continue actively to seek the causes of fish kills that happened in Seversky city pond. Recall, the incident occurred a few days ago. To investigate immediately joined CPS.

As shown by the results of the first, one of the man-made factors, which could lead to the death of fish, can be excluded. In particular, it was suggested that the groundwater with Gumeshevskogo copper deposit, located in the conduct of "Uralgidromed" might fall into the pond and lead to a state of emergency.

During the test, which lasted 14 days, the experts studied materials Rosprirodnadzor monitoring of groundwater and surface water, and conducted its own study — an analysis of groundwater drawn from boreholes. Results of the study showed the absence of an excess of metals and salts (aluminum, copper, zinc, iron, sulfate, etc.) in the water.

Hydrometallurgical technology, which uses the company generally does not involve discharges to surface waters. But the main technological burden falls exactly on the groundwater in the area of mining, independent organization — OOO MMPI, NPF "Geos" and OAO VNIIKhT conduct groundwater monitoring continuously. Set and a minor contribution of the company to air pollution and the urban district is 0.23% (according to Rosstat, 2011) of the total emissions of all enterprises Polevskoy working in the city.

Determine the causes of death of fish in the city pond Seversky continues.

Elena Vasilieva

Source: "New Region — Ekaterinburg"

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