09.08.12.massovaya death of shrimp in Vietnam


09.08.12.S beginning of the week in the central province of Vietnam Fuyen for unknown reasons lost the entire population of shrimp, which were grown on an area of 200 hectares.


Death of crustaceans caused substantial damage to local farmers who lost 120 billion VND (5.7 million USD). According to the chairman of the National Committee of the Region Toyen Pham Tai Li, mass mortality of shrimp was recorded in each area of the province, most of whom suffered the An Hoa, killing 98% of animals.

At present, there are prices for this type of product is set at 83 thousand dong per kilo ($ 4). Ministry of Agricultural Development of Vietnam has issued an order for the inspection on this fact, as well as local authorities Fuyena appealed to the farmers to demand their own use chemicals to kill an unknown virus.

Source: Vietnam News

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