11.07.12.Na Volyn massive fish die



11.06.12.V Kovel area, the river Turia seen massive fish kills.

This was on July 11 to the press service of the regional council of Kovel.

In order to identify the causes of death the authorities and regulatory bodies, headed by the first deputy chairman of the State Administration Boris Andriyukom went to places where fish are dying.

First Deputy Chairman of the RGA reported that "killer" fish may be large oil stains of unknown origin that are visible on the surface of the river in the area between the villages Gishin and Bach.

In addition, the official said, there are suspicions that the river waters cast up waste with «Kovelmoloko."

Another reason for the fish kill may be a large amount of algae that prevent water purification.

"In the Bach bridge Turia just overgrown weeds, so water treatment is not carried out," — suggested the first deputy chairman of the RGA.

Meanwhile, experts claim that swim on the beaches Turia in Kovel safely. According to the research, in the children's beach pollution is found: the water is clean and there is no threat to tourists, and the extinction of fish observed in areas far enough away from the recreation area — said in a statement.

The exact causes of water pollution in the Turia is currently not installed.


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