11.08.12.Gibel shell-catfish in the suburbs


11.08.12.V Shatura for some reason there was a mass death of lake dwellers — shellfish. Since the end of last week in the lake swim Murom dozens of shells.

Mass mortality of clams in Shatura is becoming a bad tradition. In the summer of 2011 at Lake Murom surfaced hundreds of dead shells. This year, history repeated itself. For several days, the White Beach Canal connects Murom and White Lake strewn with dead shellfish — perlovitsami and mussel. The smell of decaying shells felt for hundreds of feet from the water. Old residents of these places say they have not seen this once.

According to experts, the reason for the mass plague freshwater mollusks lack of oxygen in the water. Because of the heat in the region facing the past few days Shaturskaya strongly shallow lake. In addition, the lake is a reservoir Muromskoye cooler. It was in a local power plant dumps the spent hot water. Lake just does not have time to cool down and become an excellent medium for the growth of algae. Phytoplankton consume a lot of oxygen, and decomposing releases harmful substances. Perlovitsam mussel and in such circumstances than just breathing. And they are dying by the hundreds.

Environmental specialists see the solution in this situation, only one. In the next couple of years to deepen cooling lakes and artificially increase the population of mollusks and crustaceans — indicators of the purity of the reservoir. In addition, this year in the cooling pond are planning to launch fry carp. They feed on algae and, according to environmentalists, it should be cleaned area from the undergrowth. And as far as they do, we'll see next summer.
Marina Voronezh

Source: "Moscow News"

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