13.07.12.Na Smolensk extinct bison


13.07.12.Chto just not coming up with entrepreneurs to earn more money. Recently here, even bison brought to Smolensk. But did not have time to establish hunting — animals became extinct.

A source told news agency vRossii.ru of control messages Rosselkhoznadzor Bryansk and Smolensk regions, first began to discover the corpses of buffalo on July 4. Currently, fell more than 60 goals.

Where do the buffalo in the Smolensk region? It turned out that one of the local companies in January imported 118 of these large animals. For six months the buffalo brought litter, and their numbers had increased to 154.

As experts explain agency to date quarantine of animals is not yet completed and the veterinary service area is not all the necessary diagnostic tests. However, without the consent of the Veterinary Service of the animals were released from quarantine enclosure measuring 20 hectares in an area of over 500 hectares.

Failure to follow established ohotpolzovatelyami veterinary requirements led to disastrous results — there was a massive death of animals. To establish the causes of case samples were pathological material, — Explain the vets.

Let's hope that because of the negligence of pet owners do not die out completely.

Olesya Rogovskaya

Source: In Smolenske

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