13.10.11.Kremenchug: The death of fish in the Dry Kagamlyke


13.10.11.V death of fish in the Dry Kagamlyke blame vacuum trucks that are engaged in the export of sewage. Was the conclusion of a special committee of the Executive Committee, which investigated the causes of fish kills in the river last week.

The outcome of the committee reported its chairman, Deputy Mayor Viktor Kalashnikov. According to him, the commission every day for a week traveled to the place, surveyed 300-meter area in the beach area outside Kerch — in the place where the fish died. Raids to arrest CISTERNS FOR WASTE REMOVAL held in conjunction with a police battalion, the soldiers who were on duty on the banks of the river.

However, "in the hot" — at the sink drains in livnevku or river — no one was detained. The only offender, who caught the vice-mayor, sewage poured there, where they are supposed to be — in hozfekalnuyu sewers, however, without the permission of water utilities. However, committee members still inclined to believe that the cause of fish kills was a one-off discharge into storm drains. According to Gennady Demekhin, head of the executive committee of environmental security, near livnevki that goes into dry Kagamlyk were found rut from the machines.

The Commission admits that it was chemical pollution, for example, stocks have been out of the sump wash.

In addition, the site and found an unauthorized discharge into the river from a private building on the banks of Dry Kagamlyka. However, the Commission believes that those who "walks" in the river all the time, could not poison her — the volumes, they say, not the same …

Now, however, the addresses where identified effluent drainage into the river and livnevki will go Inspector of Public Works. Violators will be discharged and will need to remove fines unauthorized effluent drainage voluntarily. This also applies to fences (unauthorized development) and the toilets in the coastal zone. To those who do not cease to pollute freely, will be dealt with through the courts. Also check where the car wash waste water is drained and the gas station.

With Vacuum hold a special meeting at which they will be offered to sign a contract with water canals to pour sewage pumping station.

Author: Tatiana Donchenko

Source: Kremenchutsky Telegraf

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