14-meter whale strandings in Belgium


Giant sea could not save

9.02.12.Tyazhelo wounded a 14-meter sperm whale stranded in Belgium in the early morning on Wednesday, February 8.

According to scientists, the giant mammal weighing nearly 30 tons was in the process of seasonal migration and found in the North Sea by mistake.

— North Sea — very treacherous place for whales, because it is not deep enough, because of this animal could injure themselves, — the employee of the Scientific Institute of Natural History of Belgium.

Despite the cold weather, look at the inhabitants of the seas on the beach gathered a great many local people.

Arrived on the scene specialists are not able to cure wounds giant. Keith died several hours later.

Sperm whales are at risk, despite the fact that whaling is officially terminated. Each year, tens of individuals killed due to industrial pollution of the waters.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

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