18.04.12.Gibel fish in Tomsk at Lake White


18.04.12.Gorozhane found that White Lake fish died. This is what we told the head of the regional department of natural resources Sirotin Victor.

"We discovered this fact about two weeks ago, but residents have noticed the death of fish is only now, when the ice melted. I can say that nothing terrible happened: it is natural selection. Verkhovka died, which is a weed fish. It requires a lot of oxygen. When we put out in the White Lake carp, giving them four milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. In principle, the carp is sufficient even smaller indicators, but this is not enough Leucaspius "- said our source.

He also stressed that no one died in the White Lake carp have yet been found, and the lack Leucaspius a positive impact on their livelihoods: less competition — more food.

Source: In Tomsk

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