18.07.12.V Tomsk region poisoned fish


19.07.12.V Mavlyukeevskoe lake dumped sewage stoki.Ob us know the chairman of the regional society Conservation Sergei Zhabin.

"Yesterday, with three to six hours of the day in the lake flooded a huge stream of water. That the drains are poisonous, found after locals noticed that the carp in the lake surfaced bellies up. Call a specialist Department of the Environment took samples and in response to residents' complaints initiated verification, — said Sergey Zhabin.

— It is expected that the blame unauthorized tapping into the storm drain. Where are these frames, and to whom they belong, now find out employees of the Department of Natural Resources during the administrative investigation. "

Photo by Maxim Votyakov

Biologists from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Tomsk State University are currently conducting monitoring of water. "They made a point of discharge measurement. It turned out that at the bottom of the lake does not have the oxygen index of the results of tests — zero. This means that the water was dropped some powerful organics, microorganisms simply "eats" all the oxygen, — Sergey Zhabin. — Fully assess the damage will only be a few days, when it becomes clear how much is left in the pond fish. "

Note that the reservoir is a program for the restoration of urban lakes. Its purification and improvement over the last three years have been invested several million rubles. Environmentalists and clean the bottom of the lake. Later, the water released 500 pounds of carp and 50 copies of the carp and grass carp — it was planned that on the basis of lake ecologists Mavlyukeevskogo create club of young anglers.

Source: City Portal "in Tomsk"

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