2.05.12.V Denchenskom reservoir fish kills again


02.05.12. The fact that in Denchenskom pond fish kills occur again blame the owners, said Wednesday correspondent IA Novosti-Moldova Deputy Chief of the State Ecological Inspectorate Valentine Tsapish.

"The responsibility for regular fish kills, and it is here almost every year, is at« Peskerush-Denchen. " Our experts have just returned from a trip to the united with the veterinary inspection commission of the lake. Shore littered not only dead fish, which has been expanded to two days of heat, and municipal waste. Accumulated at the bottom of a large amount of silt, which is also not removed for several years, and that has a negative impact on the water ", — said the interviewee.

Ecologist explained that over the exact cause of death of fish can be called in a few days, when the results of water analysis test specialized laboratory. However, in the coming days, the inspectors will be carried out raids in villages Denchen, Suruceni Malkoch and to identify illegal dumping of garbage and waste.

"Today, we have imposed a fine on the JSC" Peskerush-Denchen "in the amount of 8000 lei. In addition, the company shall promptly clean up the bottom of the reservoir, as well as to restore order in the coastal zone of health "- said the agency Novosti-Moldova Head of Veterinary Services District Ialoveni Alex Paladi.

Head suggested that the owners of the reservoir could use nitrate nitrogen for the growth of algae in the lake. He recalled that two years ago, these assumptions were confirmed, although at first flatly denied their hosts. The fact that nitrate is used to enhance the growth of algae, which feed on and then some fish. In high concentrations it poisons the very fish.

"We have to wait for the test results. We sent to the lab a few dead fish. Soon all will become clear. However, the Act and compiled fine — only the first step in this regard. Now the condition and health of the reservoir will be under our watchful care "- promised Paladi.

 Victor Voskobojnik

Source: Novosti-Moldova

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