20.08.12.Gibel fish in Chisinau


Chisinau, 20 Aug — Novosti-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. The cause of mass death of fish in the pond on the capital's streets Albisoara was, first of all, for a long time to keep a high air temperature, said on Monday the news agency Novosti-Moldova Head of expertise and permitting the State Ecological Inspectorate Valery Holban.

Interviewee said that he has no reservoir fishery, he — man-made, and was built in the 80s to lower the water table. The fish here later launched local fishing. The lake has no outlet, so the water is stagnant and is replenished only by groundwater and storm water. Keep for a long time and heat led to the maximum evaporation.

"Last Friday, when our experts took samples for analysis, the water temperature was 25 degrees, the oxygen content in it — is minimal. In such conditions, even with a little depth, have accumulated in the bottom of the mud started a chemical reaction — the formation of hydrogen sulfide, as exemplified by the presence and odor, "- said the expert.

According to him, the water body can and should maintain viable. But for this to City Hall to consider how to do it.

"The first thing that comes to mind — a tender for its sale to the imperative to make the lake attractive to inhabitants of the neighborhood place of rest", — said Holban.

Source: Novosti-Moldova

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