2010 results: rehearsal doomsday


31.12.10.Nas stoked, shaking, roasted and now freezes! 2010 will go down in history as one of the richest in natural disasters. What happened in the New Year Moscow (snow, freezing rain, and his place — air blackout) blogs exaggeratedly called a rehearsal for Armageddon. Well, we remember what else apart from the delay of aircraft, remember this year. Arrange the "catastrophic point" in calendar 2010.

The first point in the calendar fell exactly on the first working day after New Year's — January 12. Earthquake in Haiti. Magnitude — 7 points. In the ruins became the capital of the Port-au-Prince. Destroyed more than half of all houses in the villages of the country. According to official data lost 222.5 thousand.

With the backlash over a month the world will learn about the new earthquake. The next point on the calendar — it's the end of February. February 27, Chile. Powerful aftershocks 8.8 points caught people in beds. The biggest shock has south-west of the country, the city of Concepcion. The earthquake caused a tsunami. But the casualties were minimal — most had to hide. About 2 million Chileans homeless.

And it was not the last earthquake in 2010. In April, in the west of China, near the border with Tibet, killing more than two thousand people, and about 200 on the list of missing persons.

Our next "hero" in quotes on the calendar does not claim the status of the disaster, but the legacy well. In March, the world realized how loud can erupting volcano. March 21, 2010. Nachudil Eyyafyadlayokudl. Now, after a time, his name does not seem so unpronounceable: learned. He even dedicated a song.

Icelandic volcano spewing tons of ash a registration and triggered the collapse of Aviation. Thus the degree of Europeans, accustomed to regular life, we learned today how much ash? Due to the high concentration in the air was canceled about 6,000 flights. Daily loss amounted to approximately $ 200 million.

Again, turn the page calendar. April 20 there was a "oil Chernobyl". The explosion at the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a disaster, rather, man-made nature. Although not done here, and without the human factor. But most importantly, for the residents of nearby states and all life around it has become environmental disaster. The accident is recognized as the largest oil spill in the open ocean in U.S. history. In the water, got more than 4 million barrels of oil.

Natural disasters in 2010 differed truly gigantic scale and long-term effects that will overcome many decades. Such a statement for the year did the European Commissioner for humanitarian aid. Here is a quote European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Kristalina Georgieva: "In 2010, a sad record was set on the number and scale of natural disasters. Victims of natural disasters around the world were more than 300 thousand people, the economy damaged by 180 billion euros, whereas in previous years, the damage was estimated at 70-80 billion euros. "

How much of this sum allotted heat, which in the summer took captive Russia and parts of Europe, is not known. Starting from the end of July and the beginning of autumn, we were raging fires. Fallout nature we did not indulge. And the smoke went into the attack, "Harry." Smog from peat fires was laying Moscow and the regions impenetrable dome with the smell of that "Harry." Now, like, this was not, but there it was! The temperature is below 40 degrees of heat, and 200 hectares in 20 regions that were in flames. According to official data, in whole or in part burnt almost 130 settlements.

Looks like a mockery temperature in central Russia in 2010, at the beginning of winter. Thermometer and he was surprised, but Moscow had to show at 30 below zero! The temperature in the capital region was below the normal order. Cold "went on duty" for 2 months earlier. Came under attack, not only in Russia, where the winter moods more familiar, but also Europe. France and the United Kingdom met with snowfalls made in Russia. Then the weather like briefly dismissed. But the New Year has intensified again. The new attack — freezing rain — dressed in icy road circuit, cars, people.

Hitherto unprecedented Muscovites freezing rain nature presented, probably thinking that this is a "gift." But people did not appreciate — the capital's airport, waiting sat thousand. With plans and spoiled the mood. But the majority, once again reminded of the Mayan prophecies regarding the coming end of the world in 2012. On the Internet this topic again at its peak.

"If you are a sober man, then you will understand what is happening with the weather — not just. This is beginning of the end. As we predicted in 2012. Is to prepare us for a worldwide chaos and lawlessness. Prepare, pack the suitcases on Mars "- reads an entry in one of the blogs.

"I imagine in 2012! We reached the final match against Italy. Penalty in the last minute. 2:2. Beats Sychev. All tense, all of Europe froze. Run, kick, the ball flies into the goal slowly … And then boom! End of the World "- paints an apocalyptic picture another blogger.

"It seems to me that all this is happening so that we have not forgotten you, for we have to appreciate each of our day: the light bulb in the lamp, a roof over his head, with the world's outstretched hand to meet and a good view, and tap water, and heat in the house . First of all, about love "- reminds his readers blogersha Irina Shvedova.

Experts warn that prevent all in a bunch do not. But agree that the climate in the world and the situation in general are becoming more and more nervous. According to the forecast, in the next few years, the number of natural disasters will only increase.

Do all of the above bind us to "calendar disasters of 2010" with the predictions of the Maya — it's everyone. So in terms of natural disasters this year, we saw — I, Natalia Litovko, and those who helped behind the scenes. Them — a special thank you! And may the new year the calendar will be thinner.



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