27.04.12.Na Lake Kotokel found dead birds


27.04.12.Odin of residents counted in the lake three dozen dead birds.
— Alexander, a resident of Baikal region (on the phone): Why bother is started, because the last time the lake was poisoned, it all started with the fact that the birds began to die, and then started dying cats and dogs, then came to the people, and after that took up the diagnosis. In addition, small children sick with pneumonia. Here's a two-way where a small child come from? Does not one of our kind? Meanwhile Burprirodnadzor urges people not to panic. By themselves, the etiology of diseases gaffskoy illness and pneumonia — are different.

Today instructed the inspector Baikal area to visit the area and assess the causes of death of the birds.

Margarita Gyrylova

Source: TV and Radio Company "Arik mustache"

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