28.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again dying fish


30.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again registered the mass death of fish. At this time in the river near the village of Kamenka Mosin.

July 28, about 15.30, received a signal that in the village of Kamenka River in Mosin, the segment length of 3 km, the trim on the water turquoise blue and found dead fish. At the scene, went Klevakinskoy head of the village administration, the Police Chief, number 22, the leaders of civil defense and emergency Kamensky district.

Were notified deputy prosecutor and the prosecutor Kamensky urban district. On examination confirmed the information. Presumably, the press service of the police Kamensk-Ural, changing color and composition of the water was due to the flowering aquatic plants, resulting in a film formed on the surface, which limits the access of oxygen in the water.

Author: Eugene Trenihin

Source: Virtual Kamensk-

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