6.05.12.Gibel fish in the Bay of Kuwait spreads panic



05.06.12. In the Gulf of Kuwait marked the mass death of fish.

This is an indication of chemical contamination or violation of the biological balance, causing fear among the local population. According to the daily "Salah al-Moody," Director of Environmental Protection (EPA) accused persons in spreading unverified rumors.

He believes that the fish probably dumped fishing boats, because most of the fish belong to the same species.

To assess the situation EPA appealed to the Office of Agriculture and Fisheries, which, in turn, began to daily inspections in the Gulf. In its reports to officials note that the number of dead fish has declined considerably over the observation period. The inspections will be continued in order to rule out the hypothesis that the mass death of fish.

— Our goal is to localize the problem and prevent mass death of marine organisms of different species. Observations are carried out not only in the Gulf, but also in other regions. Cause of death of fish is not known. However, a couple of times we have seen the red tide, which can be related to the incident. Possible causes — chemical contamination or high temperatures, — one of the staff of the Office. In addition, he did not agree with the version according to which the fish were thrown into the sea by fishermen. The amount of fish too much. Also, such a discharge is likely to have occurred in the Gulf of Niga.

The problem and the environmental group has joined the "Green Line" (GLEG). Group chairman, said:

— We would like our part to examine the situation. It is known that only one kind of dead fish. Necessary to conduct a retrospective analysis of such phenomena in the past. In recent years in the Gulf of Kuwait had several such situations, but they are not reported to the public.

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Source: KuwaitTimes.net

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