60th February: The results

March 31, 2013. So as not abuse March-2013: The cold and rainy, and super-winter … But month came to an end, and it's time to take stock of the first calendar month of spring, because the regions where there is already a real spring, can be counted on one hand.

Northwestern District marked the most significant in Russia negative anomaly temperature, the thermometer did not reach the level of the norm 3-7 degrees. And in the north-east of the region, this value is even more — up to 8-11 degrees. It must be said that the anomalies of this order is not observed more frequently than once every 40-50 years.

In Central Russia month also was a record: nature has not regretted for the residents of the region for more than two monthly rainfall. As a result, March 2013 was the second snow reserves for the entire period of observation! With the cold weather, too, all was well, however, in comparison with the north of the ETP anomaly seems quite reasonable: "only" 2-5 degrees.

The only place in the country where the spring came earlier than the date of her, — the south of Russia. In the cities of the region's steady positive anomaly temperature (2-4 degrees above normal), there is no snow cover, begins during the active growing season. But I must say that in the second half of the week to spur the Caucasus dokatyvajutsja icy breath of the Arctic, and in some nights observed strong frosts.

As they say stock analysts, the Urals and Siberia south trend multidirectional. In the Altai and in the Kuzbass temperature regime in March was 1-3 degrees warmer than is necessary under the climate. And in the Urals, in the Irtysh and Ob average temperature or within the normal range, or did not get to her level of 1-3 degrees.

A similar situation in the Far East. In most parts of Yakutia, in the Magadan region temperature mode or normal, or at 1-3 degrees warmer than her. But in the south, on the contrary, the average monthly temperature was 1-3 degrees cooler in long-term values.

Source: Meteovesti

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