A cloud of poisonous smoke covered Penza


23.05.12.Massovoe poisoning have occurred due to the leakage of sulfur-containing substances odorant and propane. Around a hundred people have already went to doctors complaining of headaches, vomiting and fainting.

Whitish veil of smoke enveloped the areas Ternovka, Lighthouse, GEA. The area was covered with smoke, more than an hour in the visibility is less than 20 meters. Some time later, the smoke began to dissipate, the air was filled with the pungent smell of sulfur.

— The incident took place today at the reception scrap — told Life News in law enforcement. — Dispose of metal cans and propane odorant substance leaked from the vessel. Now burn the puddle. Who passed the data capacity for scrap, find out the inspectors.

Government representatives are asked citizens to remain calm. In their report, the excess is in order, the danger to life and health not.

— The request for assistance in rescue services turned more than 100 people — told the United duty and dispatching service Penza. — People are panicking, who have the opportunity to leave the city immediately. The rest are afraid to go out.

The Health Ministry claimed that complaints about health limited phone calls to emergency services. While people in serious condition in hospital were reported.

— People did complain about a sharp smell, had a lot of calls, but the odorant in such amounts is not dangerous to life, — said Head of the Logistics Department of Health for the city of Penza Alexander Nazarov.

Anna Selivanov

Source: Life News Online

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