A conceptual project of multipurpose cable ship

Specialist 5 branch of FSUE "Krylovskiy State Scientific Center" under the federal program "RGMT 2009-2016" developed a conceptual design for multi-purpose cable ship with a modern integrated management system for carrying out underwater work on laying of cable lines and conducting underwater operations at sea.


The main task performed by Krylov Research Center, was to develop a conceptual design documentation for the cable ship, the analysis of the existing national and international scientific, technical and technological reserve of engineering solutions, a complete set of equipment of cable ships and related systems in terms of experience in the design, construction and operation of cable ships.

In the course of the work done to develop the design documentation conceptual design of cable ship. Refined look of cable ships for the Russian marginal seas and the Arctic. Substantiated the main design solutions. A list of standard equipment. The calculations of the load mass, stability and resistance to flooding, propulsion, fuel consumption for the main operating modes of the cable ship.

Proposals have been prepared for inclusion in a feasibility study for the establishment of the domestic cable ship and offers a fundamental technology building. A technical specification for development of the technical design of cable ship. Identified methodological solutions and current trends used in the design of cable ships and equipment for them and the study of the global technical standards for proposed solutions.

Released a set of drawings:

• Theoretical drawing;
• The general location of the cable ship;
• Sketch midship bulkhead;

During the development of the conceptual design identifies the main characteristics of a large cable ship. The vessel is 133.5 meters, width — 21 m, depth — 6 m, displacement — 10274 tons
Class ship — sea, ocean-swimming, ice category — Arc 5; provided two compartment status, class automation is a Class 2; dynamic positioning system is a Class 2.

During the development of the conceptual design of cable ship has been formed his appearance. Icebreaking vessel, has developed an add-in which there are hangars for use with cable, technical and accommodations. In the upper part of the superstructure is the main pilot house and reception area for helicopters of the Ka — 27. In the aft part of the superstructure is a duplicate flying bridge control stations with cable laying equipment.

The vessel is equipped with a set of cable laying equipment provides automated stacking cable to the stern of the ship and repair the cable from the nose. Also has a set of equipment and ensures involved in the process of cable laying operations in ice conditions. To store the cables, there are two basic cable tenksa and two reserve, the total mass of the loaded cable amounts to about 5,500 tons.

The main feature of the cable tenksa is its water resistance. The need for a waterproof storage due to conduct verification activities tenksa cable by filling with water.

Developed by a cable ship, unlike their foreign counterparts characterized by the ability of the ice conditions, the coastal zone of the Arctic shelf of Russia and the Far East. In addition to the upgraded ice reinforcements, cable ship, which provides not only an opportunity to conduct operations in ice conditions, but also when you want to hide the statement of special equipment.

The presence of advanced manufacturing equipment and enough space for a large number of officers and staff, as necessary, allows the use of the vessel as the research, a number of options like diving and, if necessary tabletop vessel with appropriate additional equipment.

Especially developed cable ship it apart from the typical cable ships, in particular offered by foreign companies and give it the statute "that is unparalleled in its class."
Work performed under the Federal Program "Development of civil marine engineering 2009 — 2016 years" on the basis of the contract № 167-52/12 on 30 July 2012 entered into between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific Center Krylovskiy" and OJSC "NII" Atoll ".

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