A device for measuring diabetes


Scientists from the Institute of Physics. PN Lebedev created a unique device that can be used in medical practice for the control of the energy status of the body. The analyzer, called "Kinoks? 4", will help determine the severity of systemic diseases such as diabetes, and to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment.

The instrument was developed in the NGO "functional" — an innovative company, established with the support of the Innovation Park FIAN. NGO "functional" is engaged in the development of biophysical technologies and their introduction into medical practice. The roots of this work go to the multi-year study of oxygen-transport function of blood, which were held at the Institute in cooperation with leading medical institutions.

After "Kinoks? 4" based on the analysis of the patient's venous blood samples, and more specifically observed in the analysis process of its oxygenation (i.e., oxygen saturation). The speed of the oxygen saturation of the blood samples are judged on the permeability of the membranes of red blood cells, which may correspond to a normal (healthy blood test) or have abnormal (diseased subjects). According to the degree of deviation from the norm of this magnitude can be judged on the severity of diabetes, as well as quantifying, including the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

Says one of the developers of the instrument, George Rybal'chenko, a researcher at the Physics Institute, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences: "With the development of diabetes due to a lack of insulin energy status of the patient is reduced. In this regard, when measuring the velocity of blood oxygenation sample using the device "Kinoks? 4" will be recorded deviation from the norm of the measured characteristics. Observing the kinetics of oxygen saturation of blood samples, it is possible to obtain more detailed picture of the disease, which comprises quantifying the degree of severity of diabetes ".

Currently, the treatment of diabetes is to normalize the patient carbohydrate metabolism (i.e. its compensation). In clinical practice, it uses a wide range of medicines and treatment measures to help lower the level of sugar in the blood of a patient to normal. However, in studies of patients with the blood of the device "Kinoks? 4" revealed that the chosen treatment is not enough to normalize the energy metabolism of cells in general.

George Rybal'chenko: "The fact that the body is interconnected. Usually, diabetes is most often detected at those stages when its development is already affecting the patient's ability to work. This in turn means that the pathological process involves all cells of the body. Consequently, the energy metabolism of cells broken and must be normalized to cure not only carbohydrate metabolism, but also other exchange. To control the normalization of cellular metabolism requires special techniques and devices. The device "Kinoks? 4" refers precisely to such types of devices that allow you to monitor violations of all kinds of energy metabolism. "

The developed device features to diagnose diabetes, even in the early stages of its formation and monitor the effectiveness of treatment at all stages of its development. In addition, it can be used to control any generalized change in the energy status of the body (not even associated with diabetes).

The device "Kinoks? 4" is patented, has received a positive evaluation specialists such major medical centers such as Children's Clinical Hospital № 13. NF Filatov MGMU them. IM Sechenov, Monica and is recommended for clinical trials.

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