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Found "veschestovo soul"

The ancients believed: the physical body exists as long as there is living soul. Where is it? The Greeks believed: in the pineal gland — a kind of "pine cone", located in the center of the head. Petersburg gerontologists substance isolated from the pineal gland, which affects life expectancy.

"The Makropulos Affair"
On your third eye, there are many legends. Some of them are valid. Others not so much. But they are all in agreement on one thing: the third eye — the most important organ of the human body. Ancient philosophers called it a special valve located in the center of the brain that regulates "the amount of the spirit" or life force, enters the body of the cosmos. And Indian gurus still believe his body clairvoyance.
Bookmark the third eye with the lens, photoreceptors and nerve cells formed in a two-month fetus. After this period, the third eye resolves. Perhaps a third eye had our distant forefathers, but we have it reduced. What's left? The main thing — was the epiphysis. It is attached to it and the nerves of the third eye, it can be clearly seen in animals.
The structure of the pineal gland has been described and studied Renaissance anatomist Vesalius. For the similarity of epiphysis with a pine cone Vesalius called his pineal gland. Leonardo da Vinci believed that this body is the soul of man. A French physiologist and philosopher Rene Descartes XVII century believed that through this body the soul controls the physical body and through it is an ideal relationship with the material world. He called the pineal gland (epiphysis) "the seat of our soul." However, scientists in the late XIX — early XX century were skeptical about such statements.
In 1994, the Italian scientist D.Perpaoli isolated from the pineal gland of animals "night hormone", a rejuvenating body and prolonging life.
…This is a sensational discovery shook the world. Is Found "Makropulos"? A few years ago in America "night hormone" was a hit of the season. Each pharmacy and health food store just considered it their duty to attract buyers to put cardboard in the window that says "We have a melatonin." (You might as well any of us could hang it on his chest the same plate. Indeed, every healthy person has this hormone in sufficient quantity. Moreover, it is found in bananas, rice, corn and other products and help the body fight free radicals that damage cells.)
And here's another sensation. In July 2001, in Vancouver at the World Congress of Gerontology scientists St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the North-West Academy of Medical Sciences announced that the pineal gland was isolated from anti-aging substance. They administered the drug old monkeys and found: under the influence of his own epiphysis "old ladies" was to develop a "night hormone". Normalized allocation and other hormones that rejuvenated monkeys.
The response to this message was followed instantly. President of the World Association of Gerontology Gloria Gutman wished to visit St. Petersburg and get acquainted with the work of the Institute. The largest scientific publisher "Kager" asked to prepare a monograph on the discoveries of Russian scientists. Rothschild advised fund "for the benefit of mankind" to develop these studies in London. Government minister Arab Emirates, Sheikh Saeed offered a group of scientists in full force to move to Abu Dhabi and promised generous funding.
But scientists have been slow to move to a warmer climate or to Albion.

Encephalocele Buddha
We living in New Zealand tuatara — contemporaries of dinosaurs — a really functioning third eye. It had many extinct reptiles. Discovered their fossilized skull, which is visible in addition to the two orbits the third — to the parietal eye. Thanks to the parietal organ of the animals could distinguish between day and night. In horseshoe crabs, water fleas, like other arthropods, on the head just two "third eye", each of which has a lens and retina. Those eyes of arthropods are sensitive to violet and ultraviolet radiation.
Back in Soviet times, some scholars have claimed that the brain thinks through his piercing streams of cosmic radiation. As follows from the theory of Soviet scientist N.Kobozeva, the mechanism of rational thinking is in the atomic nucleus, and by means of neutrinos — tiny particles of the atomic nucleus; knowingly subsequently scientist called neutrinos psihonami. So, we think, because there are cosmic rays, and because we have the epiphysis.
The head, like any spherical object — the atom, cell, land, star, galaxy, concentrating cosmic radiation. Under the cranial vault is a powerful cosmic lens — with billions of brain cells surrounded by electric fields. Cosmic energy is concentrated in the center of the head just where the pineal gland is located.
Picture, appearing before the mind of the seer, projected from the pineal gland. Also on the cinema screen image appears, the source of which — the light coming from the motion picture projectors. Because of the lack of parietal third eye in the creation of the virtual images are involved our normal eyes, which, however, do not work in the usual way. Mental images to the brain is not through the eyes, but through the parietal hole in the head.
However, such a mechanism clairvoyance was not always. He formed a second time after people have gone real third eye, located at the top of the head. Our distant ancestors of the parietal organ located on the top, and not on the forehead, as many are accustomed to think. On the forehead for him there is no room.
It is known that infants region fontanelle soft because the bones of the skull in this place have not yet knit together. On the other hand, people meditating continuously throughout life at the same place gradually thinner bone. Some Indian yogis bone on the top of your head at all resolved. Probably, this change facilitates access of cosmic energy that penetrates the head. It is at the top of the head to the numerous images of the Buddha is remarkable bump covered with hair, like the rest of the head.
At the scale of the Buddha figures intensity of thinking is so high that the brain is a really sticks out from the top of the head. Doctors call this phenomenon of brain herniation. By the presence of "bumps" on the top of the head in the ancient times, testified to the diligence of the adept and his mental level.
However, this did not prevent some false prophets resort to ersatz. In order to gain the respect and reverence of the crowd, they are artificially stuffed yourself a big bump on his head. Many African nations shamans during the ritual is still attached to your scalp of artificial cocoons, rolled out of the hair. The more cocoon, the more successful a magical procedure.

Satellite dish on his shoulders
Priests during religious ceremonies wearing hats decorated with precious stones. Typically, the largest stone was placed above the crown. Probably the cosmic energy, passing through the crystal structure of stones, concentrated and directed beam fell on top of the head. The result was a kind of laser. This beam penetrates into the brain and the pineal gland reached. It formed an image-an image that is in the form of nerve impulses transmitted through the structure of the brain on the retina. Thus, the gem was playing the role of an artificial lens of the third eye. The function of the retina in this case, the epiphysis. During meditation, with a crown on his head, "flush" the image. This point is sometimes referred to as inspiration. Simultaneously came a state of altered consciousness, or trance. So he worked Artificial third eye.
The priests have long used the precious stones for spiritual practices. Later, after their example, began to decorate their crowns with stones kings and nobility. Although not all the royal personages and nobles understand why they do it.
According to one legend, Alexander the Great, claimed the title of king of the world, the Indian priests staged a test. On a certain day and hour, they asked him to wear a crown, adorned with a huge jewel, and sit on the throne. Through a narrow slit in the ceiling of the hall made its way sunbeam, which fell right on top of the head sat down on the throne of the lord. Priests make come true: if Alexander will stand the test and will sit on the throne at least a few minutes, it can be considered the king of the world, if not — die. According to legend, Alexander was unable to sit on "the throne of the world" put time of unbearable pain in the head. A few days later the commander died of an unknown illness.
Thus died the Great or not, we do not know. But even 14,000 years ago, and possibly earlier people performed the surgery of the head. And not for medical purposes, and in the course of religious mysteries. They sawed or drilled in the parietal portion of the skull oval window. Once the wound is healed, the person subjected to trepanation, apparently, became a priest. On carrying out such operations eloquently testified by trepan skulls of people with oval holes with wound during the life of bone edges. What crystals placed these ancient people over their "leaky" head and placed them there at all, we just do not know — sometimes treated archaeologists find oval pieces of volcanic glass. Found special surgical tools and a skull with traces of trepanation of people who lived in ancient Egypt, the Americas and elsewhere in the world. In medical books, the word "trepanation" appears much later — only in the IV century BC
It turns out that people in ancient times were well informed about the third eye and the pineal gland. How is imperfect in research methods, in the absence of modern tools and knowledge of the ancient people were able to penetrate so deeply — in the center of the brain?
Based on the data of modern science, is not a sin to dream a little, looked like our hypothetical ancestors had on the crown so amazing organ. If two eyes looking forward, the third, apparently, looked up. Who is looking out for the ancient people in the blue sky, or in the night sky, I do not prey to pterodactyls or hostile UFO? The third eye, like a radar, perceived flux of cosmic particles. In addition, it is possible that the third eye captures radiation electromagnetic nature. In this case, the parietal body to transform itself from a live radar in the channel of communication with the beyond.
The legends of different nations assert that once upon a time the inhabitants of heaven and earth easily communicate with each other. Does it mean that the third eye is not only helping its owners diagnose the disease picture, predict the future and to take "telepatemy" from different parts of the earth and the cosmos? Through his ancient people beheld another world of being and can help with ideas, images of a dialogue with the inhabitants of heaven. It seems that in those early days of satellite communication was truly cosmic, is not that right now, but the human head was perfect satellite dish. And they departed from life, with courage — because people were returning to heaven, with whom they have been interrupted in contact throughout their lives.
Medicine still considers the human body as a kind, even if ordered set of various organs. Thanks to recent research, it is clear: the pineal gland — the center of the control body. And if the person actually has a soul, that she lived there, in the pineal gland.

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