A program for the development of the Russian lunar robots

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

Further study and exploration of the Moon will conduct robotic systems, said general designer — director general of the Lavochkin (Khimki, Moscow region) Victor Hart, Interfax reports.
"We are working together with the Russian Academy of Sciences on a large-scale program of robotic operations on the Moon" — said Hart on the international space conference in the framework of the international exhibition of digital and telecommunication technologies CeBIT 2011 in Hanover. He noted that the program will focus primarily on the fact that "to continue the knowledge of the polar regions of the moon and a mission to prepare people, if they found the reasons and problems that require the presence of a man there."

Hart said that in 2013-2014, the moon is supposed to send two automatic expedition — Russian-Indian "Luna-Resource", which will start on the Russian missile and Russian station "Luna-Glob". Both devices will sit in the polar regions, where water is found in the form of ice.

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