A prototype of Europe’s largest supercomputer created in Russia

Russian Academy of Sciences and its partners in the near future will have created a Joint Supercomputer Center (MSC), RAS prototype of Europe's largest supercomputer capacity of 10 petaflops performance and 523.8 teraflops.

This was told in Moscow, representatives of MSC and Intel, which runs on coprocessors computer.

"The prototype system consists of 208 compute nodes. Each node consists of two eight-core processors Intel Xeon E5-2690 "

"The new supercomputer MVS-10P-based architecture" RSK Tornado "triples the performance of computer system MSC and enables them to achieve several unique indicators of performance, efficiency and manageability technology. It will undertake exploratory research at the leading edge supercomputing disciplines, as well as the solution of actual and fundamental scientific problems within the Russian Academy of Sciences ", — said the director of MSC Academician Gennady Savin.


The prototype system consists of 208 compute nodes and is located only 20 m. meters. Each node consists of two eight-core processors Intel Xeon E5-2690 processor with a clock frequency of 2.9 gigahertz.

Energy supercomputer reached a record level in Russia to 1,949.3 megaflops per watt, which puts it in the top thirty computers in the world on this indicator, transfersITAR-TASS.

This is due to the architecture of the "RSK Tornado" for the first time in the world realizes the direct liquid cooling for standard server boards.

"All of these innovations provide very high performance, small footprint, high reliability and manageability, and low cost of ownership. Our solution is scalable to tens of petaflops, "- stated Alexey Shmelev, executive director of the RAC.

In 2013 it is planned to bring the performance of the device up to 2 petaflops, deputy director of the JSCC Boris Shabanov.

At the moment the most powerful supercomputer in the world recognized system of "Titan" (USA). Its peak performance reaches 27.1 petaflops (the standard indicator of Rmax 17,6 petaflops — that's the highest result obtained by using a special system of tests Linpack).

In Russia leads the super-computer "Lomonosov", owned by MSU: 1.7 petaflops at peak and 0.9 petaflops in terms of Rmax.

This ensures that the Russian car 26th in the world rankings. The supercomputer RAS Rmax of 376 teraflops took until the 59th.

Russia, as of November 2012, ranked ninth in the number of computer operating systems (eight supercomputers on the list). The leader on this indicator USA — 50 systems. In the U.S. there are five of the ten most powerful systems. Europe accounts for 105, Asia — 124, the Americas — 264 supercomputer list.

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