A strange explosion near a synagogue in Santa Monica


On Thursday, April 7, near the synagogue "Beit Chabad" in Santa Monica (California) was heard an explosion. Details on the incident published newspaper The Los Angeles Times.

No one is hurt. But hundreds of residents were evacuated from the dangerous area.

U.S. FBI agents and police officers worked at the scene, came to the conclusion that this is not about trying to attack. The official version is published by the media, there has been "an industrial accident" that led to the explosion.

The explosion of heavy metal pipe with concrete base fell on the roof of a house next to the synagogue.

Los Angeles Times wrote that the scene did not find traces of explosives. According to reports, pipe concreted foundation lay in a plastic bucket next to the other debris, and there was a kind of "chemical reaction", which resulted in the pipe flew and fell on the roof of the family Lieberman.


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