Abnormal drought leave Moldova without winter


Abnormal drought leave Moldova without winter Photo: From the archives of "KP"

21.09.11.Kto-ever remember when the last time was the rain? Agree, even us ordinary people, standing in the courtyard of dry and hot weather surprises — September as a way!

Meteorologists look at the situation from a purely scientific point of view — looking years analogs, compare, and they say: a rare nowadays the situation. And that's who the weather scares in earnest, it's farmers. It seems that we will stay in this year without winter crops … and not only.

Winter — this time

Most farmers in Moldova already plowed ground. But it can not be sown (know that without water the seeds do not germinate). On what threatens agricultural drought said Valery Maslyansky — Director of crop seed, horticulture and nursery minselhozpischeproma.

— Without the autumn rains and snowy winter, we run the risk of the next year to be in crisis, with wheat and barley. You can not sow and rape. Therefore, we recommend farmers to delay planting, wait precipitation, otherwise they will lose the seed, — Maslyansky warns.

Sugar beet — two

Another problem that has brought us to the lack of rain, — a reduction of sugar beet crop. Predicted something hoo what crop!

— Ministry predicted for 2011 sugar beet harvest in almost 33 tons per hectare. But if in the next 7-10 days is not going to rain, the harvest will not exceed 20 tons, — said Valery Maslyansky.

Also, experts note that agricultural producers are losing hundreds of millions annually lei lack of irrigation systems.

— In Moldova, the 144,000 acres of irrigated farmland once, of which irrigation is maintained by only 15 thousand hectares. Outdated equipment, lack of water sources. Farmers who have invested in irrigation millions lei, complain that the lakes are drying up. So that Moldova could rely only on rainfall, — Said Maslyansky completion.

And as the rain was not so

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" decided to find out in the State Hydrometeorological Service, how soon can we expect the life-giving moisture. On this and the harm to agriculture from standing now "weather" we talked with the head of the Center agrometeorological monitoring Tatiana Mironova.

Tatiana Mironova.

— Dry period in Moldova began back in August. How long it will continue is unknown. But long-term projections suggest that by the end of September rains we should not wait. Therefore, the situation is certainly alarming: moisture reserves in the soil, or low, or altogether absent. For winter crops — is quite good. For example, the sowing of rape had expired. Moment is lost, meaning sow was not — it is moisture-loving culture. As for wheat, it still has a bit of time — until the middle of October. Let's hope that at least the October rain will go. As drought, hot weather will affect the harvest of sugar beets, it will be lower than expected. But there is this kind of weather and its little advantages: have good conditions for harvesting grapes and fruit, explained Tatiana Mironova.


This is a once in 25 years!

Tuesday at the site of the State Hydrometeorological appeared certificate, which detail the drought conditions in the territory of Moldova in the period from 1 August to 20 September 2011. Here are excerpts from that reference.

"In the period from August 1 to September 20, 2011 in Moldova everywhere there was a significant shortfall in precipitation. Their number for this period amounted to 90% of 20-55 mm (25-60% of normal), and 10% of all 10-15 mm (10-20% of normal), which is celebrated on average once in 25 years. Analogue is the year 1990. "

"From August 14 to September 20, the country had an increased temperature. The average temperature for the period was 19 22? C, which is 2-3? C above normal and there is an average of once every 10-15 years. Analog year the temperature regime is 1963. "

"Especially the heat was on September 13-15, when the average daily temperature was through 22 .. 26? C, which was mainly observed in this period an average of once every 25-30 years."

"The maximum temperature reached in these days through 34? C (Tiraspol, Stefan Voda, Chadyr-Lunga), which in Stefan Voda and Chadyr-Lunga was the first time during the entire period of record (since 1886)."

"In the period from August 1 to September 20 at 85% of Moldova's hydrothermal coefficient (SCC), characterizing of humidity averaged 0.1-0.5, which corresponds to a strong and very severe drought."

Alexander Lyabin 

Source:  KP.RU — Moldova

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