Abnormal frosts damaged winter crops in southern and western Kazakhstan


© Vladislav aq

ASTANA, March 4 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. Abnormal frosts in late February damaged winter crops in some areas in the west and south of Kazakhstan, according to the website gosmeteosluzhby "KazHydroMet."

"In the winter crops are grown in the south and south-east of the country the temperature in the third week in February fell to minus 20 degrees, which was not favorable for overwintering crops, with no high snow cover," — said in a statement.

According to forecasters, the South Kazakhstan region the results of determining the viability of winter crops in February showed that overwintering winter runs well, except Arys area where thinning of winter wheat, due to freezing was 10%. In Almaty and Zhambyl regions precipitation in the early decades contributed to the accumulation of snow. The minimum temperature at the depth of the tillering node of winter wheat ranged from 0-5 degrees below zero, with the exception of Merke district of Zhambyl region (minus 8 degrees). In Ryskulovskom district of Zhambyl region died from freezing to 20% of winter wheat and 21-50% — and in Baizak Zhualinskom areas (in other areas of the region of 0-10%). In Panfilov district of Almaty region from freezing killed 5% clover. In Sarkand area and around the city of Taldykorgan plants were not damaged.

Adverse conditions have developed in the West Kazakhstan region, where the average daily temperature is minus 20-25 degrees (minimum — minus 30-35 degrees) that the uneven distribution of snow cover could lead to freezing winter cereal crops.

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