About 10 states want to buy the Yak-130, said Rosoboronexport

About ten countries want to buy the Yak-130, said Rosoboronexport

"Rosoboronexport"Is in talks with about 10 countries under contracts for the supply of training and combat aircraft (UBS) Yak-130, said in a Wednesday press service of" Rosoboronexport ".

"Requests for a unique car — UBS Yak-130, which is equal in the world is now in OAO"Rosoboronexport"Coming from all regions, the active negotiation process goes from about 10 countries," — said in a press release.

It is noted that Yak-130 has attracted increasing attention during the air show "Farnborough-2012" which was held in England from 9 to 15 July. Delivery of Yak-130 in England met the company of "Company" Irkut "." Having a full-scale reference repeatedly reinforced the enthusiasm of foreign customers for this aircraft — part of negotiations began with a discussion of the ability of specific procurement Yak-130, "- said in a statement press-service.

Yak-130, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, allows up to date and increase the qualifications to teach pilots and zabugornyh Russian combat aircraft of the "4 +" and "5". Plane is a major component of the training complex, which includes an integrated system of impartial monitoring, computer training classes, aerobatic and special exercise equipment. In fact, it is a universal trainer plane with the function of a light fighter, which has very huge prospects in the global market.

Company "Irkut" in 2011 started the delivery of Yak-130 for export. Capacity of the market in the medium term is estimated at 250 cars. Municipal weapons programm 2020 provides for the purchase of 65 aircraft for the Russian Air Force.

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