About 20 new chemical reconnaissance vehicles arrived in the SOUTH

About twenty of the latest chemical reconnaissance vehicles arrived in the SOUTH

As passed February 14 RIA "News", about 20 of the latest machines of chemical and radiation detection — RHM-6 — For soon arrived in the SOUTH. This was said on Tuesday, RIA "Novosti" head of the press service of the Southern Military District Colonel I. Gorbul.

Earlier, Lt. Col. S. Vlasov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation for the ground forces, reported that the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Armed Forces municipal defense order for 2011 is made of 100 percent. Troops got 3 heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A (known as "Pinocchio") and 18 RHM-6.

Gorbul said: "Specialists units CBR defense SOUTH learn new techniques aftermath of man-made emergencies and disasters. The soldiers in the field, chemists study the latest criteria RHM-6.

RHM-6, popular as a "wagon", created for the conduct of chemical, radiological and non-specific bio-prospecting, and to provide data to the military intelligence control systems. Machine lets get real-time intelligence data on meteorological conditions and RHB displaying it on a map in the car and intelligence Fri receiving disk imaging. Machine able to control the tasks subordinates calculations and quickly clarify tasks depending on the situation. When conducting surveillance in the area of the troops, it may hold the key himobstanovku within a radius of 6 km and a time to announce the use of chemical weapons. This leads to a lowering of the probable losses of 50-70 percent.

Combat crew RHM-6 — 3 people. Weight of the machine in a combat situation — 13.5 tons. The base chassis — BTR-80, max. speed: road — 80 km / h; afloat — 9 km / h In store machine running on fuel — 600 km.

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