About eight years in handy for starting a series of PAK FA

About eight years will it take to run a series of PAK FA

About Eight years is useful for starting a series of promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA). This was said today at a press conference the deputy head of "Russian Technologies" Dmitry Shugaev.

It comes in the Russian delegation at the otkryvschemsya now 49th internationality Air Show at Le Bourget — "Paris eyrshou-2011."

Shugaev recalled that the first flight of the PAK FA made in 2009 to the current time, he said, already about 70 percent. devices for the aircraft is done at the company.

Referring to the role of companies in today's show, Shugaev said that "Russian Technologies" is already the second time act as host Russian exposition. It provides about 260 models of products for military purpose, the company produced 11 holdings.

But, according to ITAR-TASS, as I gave to realize the deputy head of "Russian Technologies", a noteworthy new items company demonstrate at the MAKS-2011, which will be held in August at Zhukovsky.

"For him, we save a number of news", — said Shugaev.

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