Africa: Drought — the cause of cannibalism

March 19, 2013. At the end of last year, even Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General expressed his concern about the harsh drought in southern Africa. Over the past time situation in the region has not changed significantly, and in Zambia, Zimbabwe and in the north of South Africa there is a deficit in 90-50% of normal precipitation. The heat has already led to the death of a significant part of the agricultural crops, and farmers association of the Republic of South Africa has significantly reduced the preliminary estimates of agricultural production in the country.

Drought affects not only the people already there are details about the death of the animals in the national parks of the region. Even lions, is at the top of the food chain, are forced to change their habits. Burnt savannah violate the customary pattern of hunting ambush predators and are beginning to shift to easier prey, and Zimbabwe documented several cases of killings.

The latest incident, which happened in the town of Kariba in the north Zimbabwe, striking in its tragic. The fact that the lion fell in love for a couple of time their romantic date, when they retired to the bush. Girl once was in the clutches of a predator and its companion managed to escape. And though it took place next to a busy highway, a young man is not immediately able to call for backup. Drivers seeing a naked man just drove past. When rescuers arrived yet, girl was dead. According to police, the same lion has been attacking people in the vicinity of the city.

Source: Meteovesti

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