Alakol disappears in fish


Farm workers in the pond, where the breeding of fry. Almaty region, Alakol district, July 13, 2012.

18.07.12.Zhiteli adjoining Lake Alakol villages said that the number of fish dramatically reduced.

Fishing and fish processing companies engaged only catch, they say.

Kairat Bayanbaev fisherman, resident Usharal, the administrative center of Alakol district, Almaty region, said:

— We exist because of fishing. But fish each year is decreasing. Significantly decreased the number of carp, compared to perch and carp. No reproduction of fish stocks is not engaged.

Experts fear the villagers share the Balkhash-Alakol fish inspection. They state that around Lake Alakol are dozens of commercial enterprises, and only a few fish nurseries. Ichthyologist Balkhash-Alakol fish inspection Nurzhan Zhumagaliuly says:

— The system of lakes Alakol reproduction handled by two companies — industrial complex LLP "Rybprom" and set "Adil". LLP "Rybprom" in the summer starts larvae, "Adil" in autumn starts yearlings, mostly carp.

Yearlings — is fish fry, at the age of one year. In fish farms, in turn, complain common to many business enterprises crisis and the usual set of problems. The head of the farm "Adil" Yerzhan Kazhinov complains unprofitability of the business, and said that in the region there are practically no buyers for their fish.

Kairat Bayanbaev, fisherman. Almaty region, Alakol district, July 13, 2012.

— We have around half a million fingerlings will be. 20 percent of our purchase of natural resources. Everything else remains. To our advantage, so we would like to state that we are subsidizing and balances we released fingerlings into the lake — offers Yerzhan Kazhinov.

Question reproduction of fish stocks of Lake Alakol was on the agenda at a meeting of the Almaty oblast akimat. Deputy Akim of Almaty region Tynyshbay Dosymbekov, speaking at the event, said:

— It is necessary to solve the problem of water shortage by reducing crop water-loving crops using drip irrigation and other moisture saving technologies, as well as the introduction Kerbulak counter regulator on the Ili River.

Also Tynyshbay Dosymbekov says it is necessary to conduct reclamation work on the fishing grounds.

The problem of so-called small lakes in Kazakhstan discussed in recent years, perhaps only among professionals and in the pages of the local press. Political parties and organizations during election campaigns by inertia usually say about the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea. Alakol and located next to the lake Sasykkol, like many small water bodies of Kazakhstan, becoming the object of attention of environmentalists and social activists often.


Source: Radio Azattyk

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