All over the world there is a decline of exploding meteorites

February 19, 2013. Over the past few days, falling from the sky and exploding fireballs have been seen in many countries around the world — in Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, Cuba, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, …

— A glowing orb that resembles a meteor was seen on Sunday night a few people in the counties of Miami-Dade County and Broward County (USA) February 18 2013 year. "Looking at the Bay of Biscay (Biscayne Bay), I saw a falling object ", — says Brad Greenberg of Miami, 30 years old, on his Twitter account about 18:30," At first glance, the object glowed weakly and was moving fast, but not as fast as a shooting star. "

— A witness from Australia, February 18: "I took video of what appears to be a meteor in the sky over Melbourne — it was ahead of the appearance of the asteroid for a few hours"

— Witness of Britain, Feb. 17: "The Red point of light moving rapidly over Manchester about 16 hours of the day"

— Witness of Timor, February 17: "Tonight, I was sitting in the car for a few milliseconds and I saw an extremely bright light in the sky … I was in East Timor"

— A witness from Australia, February 16: "Meteor was seen over Melton in Australia. He looked like a bundle of four stars with clearly visible tail. He has held nearly a third of the field of view of observers, and was in the sky many seconds "

Fiery ball has also been seen in the United States. Witnesses say about some fireball crossed the sky over the Bay Area in San Francisco. He was seen around 12:45 February 16, 2013.

— On the Russian explosion fireball most people only heard. The first reports appeared on February 15, about in the morning. During the morning, Russian military forces found a six-meter crater, and it was reported that the surrounding normal background radiation areas. The Russian Academy of Sciences reported that the meteor weighed about ten tons before entering the Earth's atmosphere, but some reports say about 50 tons. Meteorite exploded 9 times from the height of about 55 kilometers. Russian meteor is the largest since 1908, when the famous Tunguska in Siberia fell meteorite. The energy of a meteorite impact in 2013 was equal to several hundred kilotons. These are still coming in and may clarify the information available. According to the present data, the size of the subject prior to entering into the atmosphere is equal to 15 meters, and its weight was about 7,000 tons. Meteor, the amount of which was approximately one-third the diameter of the asteroid 2012 DA14, shone brighter than the sun, and it should be observed for about 30 seconds.

— Late in the afternoon on February 15, the Cuban people have noticed another bright fireball that exploded over the town in the province of Sienfuego.

— Blow up the fireball was also seen in the skies over Japan on February 14 and filmed the video:

— Enormous size fiery the ball was spotted many witnesses over Belgium, Holland and Germany February 13, 2013. It can be observed within 10-20 seconds. According to one eyewitness, the flight he twice divided. It is possible that it was part of the Russian Soyuz rocket. The fact that on February 11 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome was implemented in 1800 the first launch of Soyuz rockets. Arianespace and its Russian partners reported that the Progress cargo unit was carefully placed on a given orbit for the mission of the International Space Station.

Detailed reports of witnesses here.

NASA statement regarding Russian Meteor:

"According to the scientists of NASA, the trajectory of Russian meteorite was significantly different from the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 DA14, which makes it totally unrelated to the subject of it. Information about Russian meteorite still comes, and all findings to date are preliminary. At the fall of the videos can be seen that the object flies from left to right on the background of the rising sun, which means that he was moving from north to south. Asteroid DA14 is moving in the opposite direction from south to north. "

traektorija russkogo meteorita

Based on: The Watchers
Source: Mixednews

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