All-Russian officers

9 February 2013. Moscow,
All-Russian officer meeting

Officer's housing — the backbone of not only the Army, the Navy, the Interior Ministry, the FSB and the Russian foundation Countries. This truth has repeatedly proven Russian history. Boundless love for the motherland, loyalty Oath, the highest discipline and a common culture, a profound feeling of friendship _ this is only a small part of what is handed down from generation to generation among the officers. Unshakable tradition of our officer corps is his patriotism and loyalty Fatherland. Now officers as social layer should become a "center of crystallization" of all the healthy forces of society and Officers meeting — _ real social political force, consolidating all public — patriotic association of people of the Russian Federation
It is time to forget about the political contradictions and past wrongs, to temper ambition to rise above dogmas and make intra-wide patriotic coalition, which will link voedinyzhdy all those who love Russia, serves it and believes in its revival.

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