An asteroid with a diameter of 45 m approach with the Earth on February 15

February 6, 2013. A small planet with a diameter of 45 meters under the code name 2012DA14 the night of 15 to 16 February approach with the Earth at the closest distance ever recorded for the movement of the heavenly bodies. However, as reported by the National Observatory of Japan today, the threat of a collision with it there.

Minor planet weighing about 130 tons moving at a speed of 8 km per second and the maximum approach with the Earth on February 15 at 23:24 MSK, at a point above the Indian Ocean. It can not be seen with the naked eye, however it is possible to observe with a telescope. Up to the point of closest approach to the planet Earth will be only 27.7 thousand km. This is almost 14 times less than the distance to the moon, and the closer the distance to geosynchronous satellites that are in orbit near the equator.

The clash with the minor planet of this size, according to experts, would have led to an explosion comparable in terms of power with the impact of the Tunguska meteorite. It is believed by astronomers around the Earth is about 500 thousand of such small Planets, however the vast majority of them are not registered. Celestial bodies of similar size strongly approach the Earth once every 40 years. However collision with them can occur no more frequently than once every 1,200 years.


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