An effective technology for processing of solid industrial waste.

Outdated and dilapidated houses, office buildings and industrial buildings are usually demolished and the resulting debris with household are taken to the landfill. In the best case, with broken brick, concrete and other building materials poured former pothole on country roads. It was believed that more construction waste will not do.

However, some experts hold on that score another opinion — nothing should go to waste, everything you need to find the application. Including the fact that the remains of the buildings demolished under the plans of urban planners, destroyed elements or local armed conflicts.

To do this in the Grozny State Oil Institute named after Academician M.D.Millionschikova developed technology of brick and concrete breakage of secondary aggregates. This scrap is crushed, pulverized and converted into the rubble, which is treated with chemicals to give concrete components and other solutions and materials used in construction. This technique saves the usual fillers, reduce the cost of concrete by three quarters and energy — from 5 to 8 times.

Similarly, you can handle the ash and slag remaining after the combustion of coal in the furnaces of thermal power plants and other industrial facilities that consume solid fuel. However, as the obtained material affects the porosity of waste. This leads to shrinkage however have to spend more concrete. From lack rid, adding to the mixture organomineralnymi additives and sealing her vibrators.

Similar secondary aggregates mortars used in the countries of Western Europe, but the domestic technology has reached a much more economical, therefore, more efficient.

Igor Boechin

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