An explosion at a chemical plant in Shenyang stock


An explosion at a chemical plant in Shenyang stock. Photo:

14.06.12.Na stock chemical plant in Shenyang Yuyhun thundered loud explosion June 12, 2012, which resulted in a fire that ignited chemical raw materials, in the sky hung black smoke. Information about the victims yet.

At 16:30 on June 12 district residents Yuyhun Shenyang twice heard a loud explosion and felt the tremors in the homes, in some nearby houses from the shock after the explosion shattered glass. Behind the station billowing huge mushroom cloud, and then thick black smoke enveloped the sky. People believe that the explosion occurred at a gas station or a tank or a fuel tanker exploded.

The man from the fire squad, said that the blast, later converted to a fire occurred at a chemical plant stock.

According to a posting on the website "Shenyang Evening News" in an explosion at a chemical plant stock ignited diethylene glycol, ethanol, paraffin, and other chemical raw materials. Fire area was about 300 square meters.

Information about the victims. But that same evening one user "Sina veybo" wrote the message, "Just arrived at the scene, he heard that five people were trapped, rescued four people, one person could not be found."

Residents of areas around 1000 meters from the crime scene was shock tremors from the explosion of an earthquake.

At around 6 pm in nearby residential areas cut off electricity, gas station near where the explosion shut down, roads were closed. Causes of the accident are being investigated.

Lyudmila Demin

Source: The Epoch Times

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