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Famous all over the internet aircraft, an expert from the TV and the State Duma, the Roman Gusarov wrote another "devastating" Article, full of errors (lies?) juggling and unprofessional. We bring you the analysis of his article.

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Roman Gusarov writes: … in solid contracts including 2 dozen SSJ 100 LR — modification is not in the nature and likely will not.

"Expert", for reference: production aircraft has met all of the system (such as fuel), ideentichnye LR, and even the weight of the empty aircraft Basic and LR — are the same. LR will have small local amplification. Of the fuselage on LR first car are ready, the machine must enter the DSP in October (on the plans).

Roman Gusarov: The only real known until a firm contract for SSJ — a contract with Aeroflot

Roman forgot to add the "only me famous contract "… List of firm orders, Wikipedia. state of the DSP

Roman Gusarov: We remember what the price of the hardness, the planes are given for half the cost (difference taxpayer will pay in addition.)

No, for half the cost had not been given. At the time of signing the contract with Aeroflot in 2006, the year, RRJ list price was about $ 27 million, the AFL got for ~ $ 23. It is obvious that the first customer always gets a significant discount: and for the risk of buying a "paper airplane", and for the headache it is put into operation. This is — a standard international practice. And no, the taxpayer does not pay the loss of GSS (which lives by loans) the budget of a company does not subsidize.


Roman Gusarov: … CSeries 100 from Bombardier, which should reach the market in 2013.

CSeries has not even rolled out, not to mention the first flight, not to mention the testing program for several years, not to mention the possible problems (as was the case with B787 dreamliner) which is impossible to foresee everything. Bombardier makes the first in their practice fly-by-wire aircraft and the first aircraft with a composite wing. "Entering the market in 2013," sounds a little too optimistic even for a journalist, because chances are it will not happen in 2016.

It's amazing how easily our journalists predict problems in Russia and at the same time believe that "There" everything will be more than rosy. After all, just Hussars wrote "LR not exist in nature," but then the CSeries is still "not found in nature", is not it?


Roman Gusarov: And this is the main competitor of the Superjet.

Again blunder: CSeries has positioned itself as a mid-range, as a competitor to Boeing and junior models ayrbas. As can be seen easily on the dimension, weight and price of the aircraft

  CSeries Airbus-319    B-737-700      SSJ
passengers 110-145 124-156 128-142 98
max. take-off weight        55 ~ 63 t ~ 75 m ~ 70 m 45.8 m
list price, $ 58 ~ $ 67 million    $ 81 million $ 75 million $ 33 million


The main competitor Superjet is a Brazilian regional aircraft Embraer-190, which has the same capacity, a similar take-off weight, range and price.


Roman Gusarov: There is a business version of the Boeing 767 and Airbus A380. Put the VIP-lounge at any Sun But this does not mean that these manufacturers are present in the segment of business aviation.

Quite means. And Arbas, and Boeing, Embraer, and even present in the segment of business aviation in proizvoditley so-called heavy business jets! "Expert" should be open at least Wikipedia. These products are:

model range
Airbus ACJ3181 7500 km
Airbus ACJ319 11000 … 12000 km
Airbus ACJ320 7500 km
Boeing Business Jet2  10000 … 11500 km
Embraer Lineage 10003    8334 km.


That is, Dry with a real opportunity to once again find its niche — the plane lighter and smaller ACJ319, ACJ320 and the BBJ, with a more spacious interior than the aircraft companies Dassault, Bombardier and Gulfstream Aerospace. Smaller competitors here: ACJ318 and Embraer Lineage 1000. And the most interesting thing is that foreign Wikipedians have carried SBJ to the class of heavy business jets.


Roman Gusarov … The same applies to the SSJ 100. Coming soon is a question of alteration in the business version of the Superjet is already in use, due to their limited resources and can not be prolonged intensive use on commercial lines.

The novel is not well informed. Business version of the Superjet really developed and it is a new modification of the aircraft, rather than the "remake." "Restricted" resource already pumped up to 24 thousand hours, and the released aircraft will be finalized prior to this resource in 2013 (on the forms of maintenance). It is not true, and about the alleged "failure of intensive use" — Superjets already flying and 6 and 8 flights a day, and it is on commercial lines. Intensive and does not happen.

A feeling that the novel did not imagine the SBJ. And this is not just a replacement for the cabin, as is done in most Soviet-built aircraft. SuperJet International and SCAC want to go further — to build a plane with greater range, about 7,000 km (Specifications and description of the aircraft here).
And if Roman thinks nothing complicated about the placement of additional tanks, no, he does not know the technique — in fact, require considerable rework the fuel system. Just like customers additional plumbing fixtures — including the shower. That is, have much to refine the system of water supply and sanitation — to pipelines where none existed before (including holes in the partitions, units standing in the way …), place additional tanks (change alignment). You may also receive built-in ladder. So the amount of rework and significant improvements.

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Roman Gusarov: Operators of the Tu-204 and SSJ 100 curse the day when signed up for these aircraft.

And it's not true. Operators praise, and order more. Just wondering, why not put the Hussars in this series and the Ukrainian An-148? Or operators of the alleged curse only Russian aircraft or just another an article praising s?


Roman Gusarov: From Programs that production of the Tu-204 should turn not to spray resources for similar projects. However, it is not clear why the program of his "classmates" call SSJ NG and MS-21. SSJ NG aircraft entirely different class and it's n
ot in the nature. Also, there is no MS-21. And what about the spraying of money in question where the money for the development of 204-th has long been spent, and series production is established? It would seem, build, sell, receive profits. It seems that the goal of the program just roll production of the Tu-204, not to be responsible for the result of its upgrade to version CM and spent public money.

The author apparently does not know that
1. At the Tu-204 no orders, and the Tu-204CM have not finished the test, all the money can not be "spent a long time."
2. "Well-established" production of Tu-204SM yet, since no production aircraft have not yet produced. Despite the fact that the Tu-204SM inherited much of the Tu-204, however it is a new aircraft with new avionics and a host of other changes.
3. On the deployment of a large series of required huge funds. Subsidizing sales requires not less money.

But the main problem Tu-204/204SM — it is still lack of orders.


Roman Gusarov: A completely different situation with the AN-148. AN-148 modern aircraft with good performance. And he continues to set new records. So, during the summer bloom daily An-148 Russian airlines up to 15 hours, which is a lot for regional aircraft. And, for example, July 6 total raid 5 An-148 was 67 hours and 37 minutes. Is this not an indication of the reliability and quality of this aircraft?

This excellent performance. Achieved in the 4th year of operation, the An-148. Superjet just started reading the second year of operation and to compare these types of on the fly as it is not very correct.

However Superjet flew and 16.5 hours, with just two months after the start of operation. "What a great deal for regional aircraft."

And, for example, Aeroflot's flying machines on the 3rd September 2012 exceeded 71 hours.

"This is not an indication of whether the reliability and quality of this aircraft?"


However, the author continues to berate biased in Superjet, praising at the same en-148


Roman Gusarov: … as the program, it is planned to curtail production. But this is no fault of the aircraft. He just fell victim to a failure KLA and GSS in project SSJ 100. Superjet originally was not supposed to be a competitor of the 148. He takes more passengers and had to have a medium-range aircraft. However, today it is in range significantly loses 148 mu.

At the time of this writing, the An-148E record was in range flights to Tomsk 3250 miles in 4h 27m to the east, dominated by favorable winds. With loading of about 55 people and tons of cargo.

In the summer of 2011 Superjet EK-95015 flew Yerevan-Madrid, in the west, flying 4,200 km in 5h 30m, having transported 66 passengers.

In this en-148E is the top version with extended range, Superjet — the most usual, the first series. Modifications Superjet with increased range are yet to see the sky.


Further, the author reveals the error in more detail.

Roman Gusarov: To SSJ 100 was flying at the same distance, it should take no more passengers than the An-148. But then he loses in the value of a passenger on a similar distance.

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This is simply not true. When flying at the same speed Superjet spends 350 kg of fuel per hour less than his Ukrainian counterpart, while carrying 20 passengers — more. And when flying with the same flow rate Superjet flying at 80-100 km / h faster, again carrying more passengers. Fotodokazatelstva

Roman Gusarov: I'm not talking about the low reliability of the Superjet, permanent faults with poor service and ridiculous raid in Aeroflot by the average park. SSJ 100 to somehow flew Aeroflot planes are some donors and other parts for most of the park is constantly chained to the ground.

Let's look at Statistics raid. At the moment, all nine aircraft flying Aeroflot. Call it "most of the chained to the earth" can only be a person with a very, very big imagination.

In its first year of operation Superjet EK-95015 flown 1933ch (161.16 b / month, 5.3 hours / day).
A second serial, RA-89001, flew in his first year of life almost as much: 1836 hours (153 hours / month, 5 hours / day)
RA-89002 flew in his first year 1940ch (162 hours / month, 5.32 h / day)

For comparison, the first production of An-148 RA-61701 flew for the first calendar year: 636ch (53 hours / month, 1.7 hours / day). In this case, it was the 4th year from the date of receipt of the certificate type (not the first, as in SSJ).

That, of course, does not speak of a "poor design" Antonov plane or any of insurmountable disadvantages. Just in the first year of operation of the new aircraft usually pops up a lot of problems that can not be detected by tests. It happened and is happening with virtually all aircraft: A320, Tu-154, An-148, EMB-170, A380, B787, Superjet 100.

Making comparisons raid "adjusted" of the aircraft so that has not been ill with a "childhood diseases".

The most objectively measure for a possible comparison is the number of flights in the same a / k

Statistics on recycling park in terms of the number of flights to the type of AK Aeroflot for eight days from 30.08 till 06.09 this year

type Quantity       flights a day
SU9 244 3.38
A319      593 4.94
A320 1533 4.43
A321 673 4.20
IL9 143 2.97
A330 274 1.8
767 108 2.25
all flights — 3604


During the same period in 2011

type Quantity      flights a day
SU9 55 3.43
A319 546 4.55
A320      1369 n / a
A321 565 n / a
IL9 87 1.81
A330 171 n / a
767 130 2.32
all flights — 2954


If we recall the history of exploitation in Aeroflot "classmate" SSJ, the Tu-134. In the same period in 2006, at the AFL had 14 Tu-134

type     Quantity      flights a day
TU3 321 2.86


We may recall the start of the operation in Aeroflot A320. On January 15, 2004 in the AFL was delivered 5 A319, A320 and 4, a total of 9 were in the park Sun

15.01.2004, 3 months from the date of admission to the park of the first A319

type       Quantity       flights a day
A319 18 3.6
A320 12 3

15.10.2004 one year from the date of commencement of operation A319 in the park had 15 aircraft (8 A319, 7 A320)

type        Quantity     flights a day
A319 34 4.25
A320 26 3.7


It is easy to see that the Superjet exceeds the Tu-134 and shows the same number of flights per day from the A319/A320 aircraft in the same airline and in similar conditions of operation start. However, the A319/A320 established 20 years ago and licked other operato
rs "to shine." For Superdzheta the same — it's the first delivery of his still young life … Each type and there were children's diseases at the beginning of operation.

Savelyev, quote:

"Dry" should be given time. Today judge the car, which we exploit a little more than a year early. The machine must be given time to make it flew. We, in contrast to the test, from factory workers, exploiting its very hard and present an international requirements. Therefore, the machine is in severe conditions on the requirements. Is there any requirement certified.

Any machine is prepared by engineering services — Airbus, the same "dry". Come on captain along with co-pilot, and they begin to test it on board. They often seek out those parts that engineering service or missed, or something left out, or some failures could occur — the weather or something in the process. When the captain saw that he took this refusal, he records, it will not fly.

The new machine, with it more problems, she needs to gain that amount of immunity, when it begins to operate normally. AN-148, which we hardly spoke, had a problem and a half years ago, no less. We saw this in the STC "Russia". We have engineers flew on board with AN-148. And but now the AN-148 flies over 9 hours a day. This is a very good indicator.

Pogosyan quote:

no one in the world a new type of aircraft is not operated on a par with the types of aircraft in operation for more than ten years. So there is a certain amount of cunning in that the reliability of departure SSJ100 reliability compared to today's A320 flight. Without exception, all aircraft in the world pass through the initial stage of operation.
"I'm quite confident you can say that bloom the first year of operation of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is about one and a half times higher than the raid most of the new Western airliners in the initial stage. The main thing is that the aircraft meets the most stringent safety requirements and is certified not only by Russian standards, but also on the European. "

Nedosekin, quote:

there are times when problems arise due to incorrect work of ground staff is not at its home airport. All of this working process, when all the participants: manufacturers, pilots, flight attendants, ground services, — adapted to operate the new aircraft. And for a new type of ship our good shows itself in operation. In July, the four machines we raid by 214-298 hours.

Incidentally, in the first year showed few Western airliners flying comparable to the Superjet. We by no means an easy task — to make these rates stable throughout the park Superjet.

And about the raid. What would fly Superjet in Aeroflot as well as the A319 should be performed at least 40, ideally 42 flight a day on 9 Sun But now really the maximum that is scheduled for September 34 flights a day, but there are days and 25 flights, and the average does not hold up to 30 flights.

Under the current plan to overtake AFL A320 — is impossible. SSJ flies exactly as it plans to AK. Plans are corrected of course, but generally downward.

That less when the en-148 flown by a special scheduled 153 flights — about all the newspapers trumpeted as a great achievement. In July of this year, RA-89005 made 154 flights, which was completely unnoticed by the experts from the State Duma. Details


Roman Gusarov: So, the failure of designers have made Sukhoi SSJ100 and AN-148 in direct competition.

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There is no failure in the constructors Superjet — the plane turned, and surprisingly, very successful. With excellent aerodynamics, costs, easy to pilot and just beautiful. Any new type undergoing a period of "childhood diseases" in the first two or three years of life. And the "sick" Superjet at times less than the other types in the same period.

Roman Gusarov: And it would be naive to believe that the leader of the KLA in this choice would prefer another plane (Ukrainian) in size.

And really, why the head of the Russian corporation must select a product to the detriment of another CB own products?


Roman Gusarov: Not to mention the fact that the An-148 is a ready-made product, and does not require additional injections from the Russian budget (and yes they were not),

About the "no" — again, a hoax. At the beginning of a series of AN-148 at VACO was allocated from the Russian budget of half a billion dollars:

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will invest in the production program of regional aircraft An-148 231,88 million in 2012. This RIA Novosti reported. Now KLA investment in the project amounted to $ 360 million. Thus, the total volume will exceed half a billion of dollars.

Plus — for mass production requires hundreds of millions of dollars. After all, planes do not appear out of thin air. Someone has to pay for CRP, buy in Ukraine engines, APU, systems, fuselage, wing, landing gear, etc. Buy PKI from another 88 manufacturers from 13 countries. Someone has to pay for the labor of workers VASO aircraft assembly, painting and factory tested.

Then the airline for many years, will return the money in the form of lease payments. To identify such "long" money on promotion series can only state. On the question of the alleged "does not require additional injections."

Not only is the government not only has to set aside money for the construction of aircraft, but to subsidize the losses of production.

This would be not so sad if it was a Russian product, not licensed assembly. And if there was at least some sort, even a remote prospect of return.

However ASTC "Antonov" does not belong to Russia, and even create a joint venture for the production of the An-148 — Ukrainians refused. And with the return on investment is difficult: the An-148 — almost no orders. At the moment Ukrainian plant has an order for three aircraft from Cuba (via Panama). Voronezh — 3 aircraft for a / the "Angara" and 4 aircraft for the Emergency / SLO. And it all.

This year, the two plants, in the 5th year of production, was built … one plane and four aircraft are on VASO, waiting for buyers. And some are sad for more than a year and a half. (In mid-September soared second)

It turns out that the money and time wasted? The most that neither is But why then is heard angry rebuke from a variety of well-known "aviaekspertov."


Roman Gusarov: SSJ100 if it is a success, then why not mention the An-148, which is against the Superjet Superuspehom?

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Hussars had forgotten his own words: "An-148 aircraft is a foreign (Ukrainian) CB"? After Antonov UAC in not included.
Only determines the degree of success of the market, ie the number of orders.


Roman Gusarov: a project on the SSJ can "learn" is not a billion of taxpayers' money (which the program directly and indicated).

The paragraph above shows how much has been disbursed to the project licensed assembly of Ukrainian aircraft. With a near-zero result — no orders, no export prospects.

At the same Superjet — more than a hundred of firm orders from around the world. While this project got about 5% of the money, allocated by the state for the aviation industry, and the end of 2010 — is not getting a penny out of the budget. However, this does not prevent critics continue to harp on his "expensive", "failure", and so on.


Other phrases article in the same sad spirit: the entire program is bad and bad is, and will be even worse. And he has one recipe: to produce more en-148 (despite the lack of orders)

What else can tell people who have not completed high school aviation. Does not work in KB or an aircraft factory or in the airline, nor in any other air carrier — any day. Throughout his career he worked aviaforuma moderator and editor of several websites.

But these "experts" work helpers deputies of the State Duma. Considered an expert in the audience of aviation business. Invited on TV and radio. And boldly taken to disassemble the State Program of development of the aviation industry for 12 years ahead, criticizing everything and everyone.

Such criticism, year after year, predicting a "do not draw", "will not do", "do not fly", "do not certify," "do not sell", "flying low" and other lamentations — than it resembles a locksmith enthusiast Polesov and tram project g.Stargoroda.

— To what dozhilis — ironically said Polesov — runs around the city yesterday, three-eighths of an inch dice could not get it. Nope. No! A tram going to let him in! ..

Elena S., who had dies in about three-eighths of an inch is the same idea, which has about agriculture listener dance courses named after Leonardo da Vinci, I think that is extracted from the curd dumplings — still sympathized:

— What are the shops now! Now just turn and no shops. And the names of the stores in the most horrible. Stargiko! ..

— No, you know, Elena S., that's what! They have four engines of the "General Electric Company" * remain. Well, they will get by, although body-Which is the stuff! .. Glass is not on wheels. I saw it myself. Jingle all this will be! .. Gloom! And the other engines — Kharkov work. Solid Gospromtsvetmet. Milestones not last. I looked at them …
Standing at the well, a fortune teller and mechanic-enthusiast continued to talk.
— If there is a lack of impregnated sleepers — Viktor shouted the whole yard — it is not a tram, and one of the mountain!
— When will it all end — said Elena S. — we live like savages.

At the site … last car was known as caught in a number of distinguished guests Viktor. He sniffed the motor. To the utter surprise Polesov, the motor looked fine and, apparently, worked fine. Glass is not rattled. After examining them in detail, Victor M. made sure they did on the rubber. He has already made a few comments motorman and was considered an expert on the tram to the public affairs in the West.
— A working air brake does not matter — said woodland, with the triumph of looking at the passengers — does not suck.
— You were not asked — answered motorman — perhaps without you suck.

PS is really a professional analysis of the program "Development of the aviation industry" on the years 2013-2025 is here.

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