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ALLA SVIRINSKAYA: bewitched European high society

12 years ago the Moscow doctor bioenergy Alla SVIRINSKAYA enrolled in the International University of Alternative Medicine in Sri Lanka. Two years later, opened a practice in London and is now considered a healer in the UK number 1. By the door of her office in Notting Hill queues of superstars and the most powerful people in modern Europe.

Vladimir Pozharsky


 In an official reception at the British Embassy, we were shocked by the news: it appears that members of the royal family is also being treated by our 32-year-old compatriot Alla Svirinskoy. The very next day we spotted a mother Alla — Galina E. Svirinskuyu.

 Ancestral home

 62-year-old mother Svirinskoy lady lives with her husband Roman Mikhailovich, in a typical 16-etazhke capital, in a residential area close to metro "Prague". When we arrived, they witnessed near the entrance of the scandal. A woman cleaning woman and a local old woman loudly figured out how to wash entrance. When he learned that we were journalists and they came to visit Galina E., women at once calmed down.

House on the outskirts MOSCOW: Alla mother in the apartment did not appear 12 years

Oh, yes you with flowers, — smiled hard worker mops aunt Lida. — Go and greet with something Galya come from? I know, I know her. For 15 years, what can I clean the house, made friends with all. We Svirinskih whole family is good. A little dirt on them. Legs always wipe friendly. Galina, a nurse, worked all her life, her husband is also a decent man — a white "Moskvich" rides. The eldest daughter comes to visit them often, though living far away — in Yugoslavia. But the youngest — a beauty Alla in 20 years left Russia because it is more or seen. Since then, much has passed 12 short years. Her husband, perhaps, from England would not let her in, afraid that beat off in Russia are here, as you smartly.

Confused by the abundance of information, we rushed into the elevator and pressed the button on the 15th floor.

The door to the apartment opened Svirinskih nice gray-haired woman with fashion haircut. Take a good look us in the eye, she said:

I'm rarely in Moscow. That is the eldest daughter in Yugoslavia'll visit, the youngest in London. But once you're in luck — pass. I'll tell you about Allochka.


Princess — in the queue!

Beatrice, Sarah and Eugene: royals only Allochka trusted to treat their bodies and heads


A daughter from his childhood playing Dr. Dr. Dolittle — the beginning of the story Galina E.. — Treated kittens and puppies. Such kindness shown by many children, but when Allah to heal, little animals recovered. In four years, we sent her to her grandmother for the summer to Ukraine. That's from her, then my youngest daughter and the first knowledge of the aura and bioenergy.

At school, she studied at one of the "five". When Alla grew, it has absorbed all the secrets of his grandmother's unconventional healing. Even in his youth Alla behaved as aristocratic as if it were brought up in the royal chambers. So do not be surprised that it is now a close friend of the Duchess of York. In the end, the Duchess — the same person, as we all do. And suffers from the same disease. Private clinic Alla Svirinskoy located in fashionable Notting Hill, in west London. Sarah, Duchess of York, arrives at the weekly sessions to Alla. Her Highness has led her to be treated and their daughters, granddaughters of Queen — Beatrice and Eugenie. Princess Eugenie Svirinskaya healed from severe back pain that began to torment Man held after one and a half years ago, back surgery.


Stellar aura


Russian healer was so close to the family of the Duchess of York, that last year she was invited to accompany a titled lady and her daughters during their trip to Russia. That led to Sara Allin Clinic Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister, who was unable to help the conventional medicine. And now the Duchess of York is trying to persuade her former husband, Prince Andrew, too Svirinskoy to make an appointment. But the son of the Queen of England does not dare to entrust their infirmities "witch doctor".

Sheri and Tony Blair: British Prime Minister's wife is in need of gentle hands of Russian beauties

But the superstar Kylie Minogue and Elizabeth Taylor prefer Svirinskuyu official doctors. Taylor, not to interrupt the course, even went along with the well-known Alla Thai resort Chiva-Som, where the healer often conducts retreats and meetings with patients. Film star as a result of bio-energy correction is not only quit smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee, and has eaten before it hated brown rice, steamed fish and raw root vegetables.

The visit to the healer must become as commonplace life as a visit to the dentist — said Alla. — In biocorrection, one of the main conditions of treatment I think the removal of the intake of dairy products and white flour — it's just poison.

One of the leading fashion designers Donna Karan and film star and model Elizabeth Hurley — the faithful followers of the methods Svirinskoy. Now they strictly watch their diet.

One visit to the Russian doctor is 40 to 60 pounds (about $ 70 — 110). Allah accepts only one patient on one. A man lies down on the couch right in the clothes. Svirinskaya questions him about the health, life and begins to work.

For us, as for many people, after watching on television the mass hypnosis sessions and Kashpirovsky Chumaka, methods Svirinskoy — not news. Alla simply leads his hands above his head and the body of the patient. Thus, it reads the aura, to understand where lurking disease.


Deadly inscription

WALL PORCH: terrible words appear again and again


Noticing that his mother Alla tired, we were quick to leave.

You do not think that our family misfortunes sidestep — sigh, watching us, Galina E.. — Recently, there was a tragedy in Yugoslavia, lost my 18 year old granddaughter. I even turned gray with grief …

Wondering whether witches at home Harry Potter is now in vogue, whether English so infinitely gullible, or our compatriot — really unique, we are not calling the elevator, go up the stairs.

AUNT LIDA: terrible writing on the wall connects with the departure of the healer over the hill

And between the 15th and 14th floors have discovered a strange inscription on the wall: "And death came to us." She peered ominously from peeling paint. Below talkative aunt Lida we explained:

This prediction is, they say, came exactly after Allochkinogo going abroad. While she lived here, nothing bad happened, and without it they'd go. I really lost count of how many of our porch carried coffins. So many times this vile inscription painted over, and she seemed to live — the paint off the shakes and again before the next disaster occurs.


Photos of the authors and from the family archive Svirinskih


How are the sessions Alla

(Quotation from the book Svirinskoy "Russian touch," wrote the preface to which the Duchess of York)


The patient lies down on the couch and closes his eyes. I do not touch the body, but it gets its energy from me. It felt like a strong heat or light electric tingle. The patient opens the chakras and the energy of Qi can flow freely, opening up new opportunities for emotional and sexual growth. When I take his hands over the patient's body, I know what's wrong and what kind of trouble can happen in the future. The success or failure of treatment does not depend on how serious the case, and on how the patient responds to the energy of my energy. If their condition does not improve after the second session, I stop treatment.


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