Another World

In one of the states in the U.S. back in 1947 there was a strange accident, alleged flying saucer crashed in this provincial town Rosuel. Eyewitnesses events began to argue that it was a UFO, because the remains of the ship was noticed strange characters. There is speculation that it was the aliens brought us writing.

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According to one hypothesis, when the aliens genetically created on our planet are different species, at the time, and they brought us a script. In support of this are all different examples: the symbols and signs found on the monuments of culture of May. Table Sumerians appeared not understand how on Earth, which in turn had a tremendous value in the field of astronomy.

Of course, now there are many different versions, but not one of them has not been proved, it is just speculation scientists. Today, the Internet can be seen: the images of distant planets, describe the aliens and their lethal devices, descriptions of foreign galaxies. And every time you wonder, is it really seriously all given to us by aliens? Most messages are a mystery to us. Sometimes they remind oriental characters, cuneiform, ancient pictographic writing, but among all of the signs are not clear, which is not inherent in any of the languages of the earth.

Most scholars argue that their messages prishelitsy something tell us earthlings. What are they trying to tell us? First of all, they are trying to convey to us that there are other galaxies, planets. According to figures we can see that some planets like our Earth. And they look like: continents, seas, oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers, cities. Some planets inhabited by dwarfs, grow and like us, or the inhabitants of a strange animal that resemble ours: owls, cats, lions, reptiles and dogs. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are other civilizations more advanced than we are. And it maybe different technical possibilities available: the transition from one space to another, teleportation … We about it only dream of. But

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