Apocalypse Fish in Iceland — there were 30 000 tonnes of herring

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February 6, 2013. A blanket of dead herring spread over the whole area, accessible to the human eye, writes the Daily Mail.

It is not yet known what is causing the mass death of fish in Iceland, but today's grim discovery was the second time in two months.

Dead herring, weight of about 25 000 to 30 000 tonnes and value? 18.9 million, was found floating in a small fjord in the north of the peninsula Sn? Fellsnes, in the west of Iceland, reports Morgunbladid. Biologist Robert Arnar Stefansson said that 7,000 tonnes of herring is on the shore, and a lot more is on the bottom of the fjord.

And this new mass death, like the previous one, in December, when the same number of fish were found dead, believed to be due to a lack of oxygen in the fjord, which, in turn, linked to the dump and the construction of a bridge over fjord 2004.

Institute of Marine Research Iceland plans to visit the place of death and collect all the necessary information, and the government has agreed to allocate money for research and monitoring of the situation.

Students from the nearby village of Grundarfjorour collected from 25 to 30 tons of dead herring in this morning to be sold as animal feed. This brought it about? 1000 for the organization of sports and other activities.

Herring will decompose under natural conditions, a decision was taken by the Environment Agency Iceland and the Center for Natural History of Western Iceland. Local residents complain about the smell of rotten fish and are continuing controversy over the treatment area.

Tens of thousands of birds come to the place of death to feed. But there is concern that fish oil from decaying herring may lead to a drop in the bird population in the coming weeks and months.

The fishing industry is an important part of Iceland's economy, accounting for about half of the total exports of the country.

Iceland Fish Deaths

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Zamor's largest herring Iceland

February 9, 2013. In Iceland, fishermen and local residents raise the alarm — on the coast of the peninsula Snayfedlsnes sea water taken out a huge amount of dead herring.

Small fjord Kolgrafafordur was completely filled with dead fish, and it is on the shores of the peninsula Snayfedlsnes, mainly in the northern part.

Scientists have on the results of their research is not officially declare. Working version of the mass freeze fish is the assumption that the large shoals of herring was not enough oxygen in the shallow waters of the fjord. The fact is, the researchers and environmentalists that the Gulf Kolgrafafordur small, light, besides his face partially covered by a layer of ice. A school of fish came into it more than the scale.

By the way, a similar trouble occurred immediately two months ago, in December 2012. At the beginning of the winter even more fish cover the entire surface of the fjord and the beaches.

It is estimated that now in the Icelandic coast, at least ten thousand tons of dead herring. Fishermen, for whom fishing — the only form of income, are extremely concerned. If it goes on like this, they will have to develop alternatives to feed their families.

As the head of the Institute of Marine Research, rough estimates of the damage to fisheries already disappointing — for one day in the waters of the fjord was lost seasonal catch of herring. They also support the theory of scientists that such large schools of fish tending to winter together, deplete oxygen in the Gulf than themselves killed.

Panic and all the locals — the streets of settlements is heavy spirit snuloy fish can not get to the beaches, you can not pull the boats on the water or boat.

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