April Fools true stories




Several reports have appeared in the British press 1 April 2004, it could pass for jokes, if you were not truthful.
Here are some stories from the list of unbelievable, but true news of the day:
1. Today, April 1, 2004, Britain's National Archives declassified plan adopted for consideration during the Cold War as the option of maintaining the desired temperature inside a nuclear landmine. The temperature needed to maintain live chickens, which would be placed inside the capsule, grain supply and oxygen for a week and insulated from all possible leads and connections. Warhead designed to advance the case to the UK forces of the Soviet Union, stationed in West Germany, was to be buried in the ground (which is why there was a question about keeping the temperature) and controlled remotely.
Since Archive inundated matters not whether it is an April Fool's joke, the Speaker of State. the organization was forced to explain that the date of the promulgation of a secret plan was chosen specifically, and in general, "the secret service of the National Archives was not joking. Never."
2. The newspaper "Guardian" put bands on their new figures on the costs of the construction of the railway line of high-tech West Coast Main Line: according to current projections, the construction cost will reach £ 10 billion — it's £ 3 billion higher than planned costs NASA to send another man to the moon.
3. Member of the Congress of Brazil Antonio José de Sousa was forced to resign as a result of the scandal that erupted during the election campaign for Congress. A doctor who worked at the headquarters of the candidate, was accused of bribing voters with pills "Viagra", which he gave in exchange for a promise to vote for Antonio de Soutsa. The news appeared in the British press on April 1, although Mr. de Soutsa was dismissed on March 31. Time difference London-Rio is 3 hours.
4. Tory James Gray, to protest against British exports of live horses entered today in Parliament riding horses. He did it perfectly legal to use the ancient right of a member of Parliament to appear in the saddle in the House of Commons. Last precedent of this kind dates back to the year 1920.
5. Middle Eastern stage Formula 1 will be held this year for the first time and will be held in the small Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. However, the winners, contrary to the tradition of spectacular races, would not welcome champagne, as reported by the Deputy Speaker of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Adel al-Moavada. Bahraini leadership believes that "pouring champagne on each other" unacceptable in an Islamic country — "people will not understand it," and "event organizers may be able to hold the event without violating local traditions."
April 1 was known back step of the organizers: they made the decision to replace the champagne specially created for the awards ceremony (to be held next Sunday, April 4) drink from the two local fruit and sparkling water.
I must say that replace champagne juice winners of Formula 1 is not the first time. In the late 1970's — early 1980's British team Williams supported the Arab sponsors who insisted that riders poured on the audience and each other is not champagne and orange juice.

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