Aqvadisk — a device for the treatment of water

Water — the basis of the origin and maintenance of life on Earth. Like any other natural formations, the water has a certain information and spatial structure, which ensures the constancy of the energy-field of our planet, solar system, space. At the same time, modern man-caused human activities sociopathogenic pollution, geopathic zone, the pulsation of space leads to more and more negative impact on the ecology of the environment, and thus, on the change in information and the spatial structure of water, its physical and chemical properties. Especially these negative effects in the big cities, with their numerous surface and underground industrial buildings, distort the uniformity of the magnetic field lines of the Earth's natural magnetic field, so that the water in them losing their natural energy-properties. Consequence of a breach of information and the spatial structure of water are functional disorders, ailments, diseases of man, consisting of more than 80% of the water and using it for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing.
At present, foreign and domestic manufacturers to produce a lot of variety of devices for individual and collective water treatment. These devices are characterized by the principle of operation, construction, performance, value and purity. However, none of them does not restore in due measure of information-dimensional structure of water, that would make it a qualitatively new, in the figurative popular expression, "live", "fresh", "key", "holy", "spring."

What is "Aqvadisk"

Presented to your attention "Aqvadisk" — unique and unparalleled in the world, no principle of action, nor by design, not by consumer properties consumer device designed to restore energy and informational content of water, its purification and "revival."
"Aqvadisk" Moscow scientists designed and manufactured using the latest technologies and materials of the leading Russian defense enterprises. Way, which is the basis of the "Aqvadisk" and its patented device. Obtained Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion of the Federal Center for Sanitary Inspection Minnzdrava Russia N 77.FTS.19.361.P.000167.05.01 of 30.05.2001 on conformity to state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms

"Aqvadisk" easy to handle. There are not any power sources. He does not need any replacement filters, sorbents, blocks and cassettes. No consumables. Restorative processes are energy-and post-treatment of water are provided "Aqvadisk" due to it creates fields that simulate the energy and information of the magnetic field of the Earth.
"Aqvadisk" — a kitchen appliance for those who care about their health. Water under the influence of "Aqvadisk" is saturated with oxygen, it becomes softer, "live." By drinking this water is activated immune function, decreases the degree of intoxication, feel better and work of the gastrointestinal tract, the body faster and easier to recover after stressful situations, including after alcohol poisoning. Activated "Aqvadisk" water gives a unique taste and aroma of cooked on the basis of its tea, coffee, fruit drinks, etc. Masks, teas, and other skin care products have become many times more active. When washing your face daily skin becomes soft and delicate, fading effect of "tightness" and peeling. The water used in the preservation of fruits and vegetables, preserves and enhances the taste of their biological value. A watering plants such water enhances the growth and improves their disease resistance.
Biological properties of the activated "Aqvadisk" water approach the properties of the internal environment of humans and other living organisms, which makes it especially valuable.
With "Aqvadisk" You can get rid of various impurities (essential, fusel oil, etc.) in distilled spirits. Doochischenny drink has a mild taste and does not cause the state postalkogolnogo syndrome.
For drinking and cooking, a glass jug or three-liter jar, filled with water, is set to "Aqvadisk" and no less than a half hour is ready for use. The activation process can be accelerated if not used in the last third of the water tank. After topping the activation process takes 15 minutes. Every seven days, rinsed container and the process begins again. Post-treatment liquor is made in the same way as drinking tap water at home and takes from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the production process.
Preparing for the mass production of "Aqvadisk" especially for baths and swimming pools. The driving force is to create an additional field of energy, which will increase the activation of water, its treatment and improving properties. The use of "Aqvadisk" in the baths and basins has the effect of bathing in the healing springs.

Appearance and method of administration

"Aqvadisk" is made from environmentally friendly natural materials. The body is made of wood, resin filler is a softwood, held a special magnetic treatment.
Device Diameter — 130 mm, the height — 18 mm.

Mode of application

On the "Aqvadisk" sets the glass vessel with 2-3 liters of tap water and kept for at least 1.5 hours. When installing the vessel to "Aqvadisk" water required to mix non-metallic object.

The distribution system

The rights to manufacture and distribute the device "Aqvadisk" transferred Ltd. "ABIKS-Ltd". Tel.: (095) 289-64-48, 745-06-41, 782-21-41. E-mail:
Wholesale price: from 10 to 60 units. (Two boxes) — 550 rubles for one device, from two boxes and more — 490 rubles for one device, the retail price — 750 rubles for a single device.

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