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The great Albert Einstein turned 125! We want to talk about some strange phenomena associated with the great scientific discoveries of physics.

In addition, we would like to remind you that Einstein, in spite of the seriousness of his conclusions, was a man of restless and very witty. Some stories from his life remained in the annals — you'll like …

Before you sit down to write this article, I decided to conduct a survey on the subject, does the people who the Einstein. I called around 20 unfamiliar people and 10 acquaintances. The results of the survey were impressed. First, i.e. strangers have responded quite unanimous: 15 respondents who sent me … well, you know where.

Three of them knew it was a scientist, but a long time trying to remember: a mathematician or a chemist. Two responded that he — film director, took off about whether the battleship, or about Peter the Great. Acquaintances were not so unanimous. They sent me out of all three. The majority decided that I untied after 18 years of "post". And the closest knowing my attitude to Vladimir Semenovich, sang: "Here, truly, everything is relative, everything, everything, everything!" Physicists of the respondents were not available, and only they would be told that Einstein was born in the German city of Ulm, March 14, 1879, and died in April 1955 in Princeton (USA).

Over the intervening 76 years, 1 month and 4 days old, he became one of the founders of modern physics. Is best known as the author of the theory of relativity. Einstein also made a significant contribution to the development of quantum mechanics, the development of statistical physics and cosmology. The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 "for his explanation of the photoelectric effect."
They say that the whole theory of relativity Einstein fit into a notebook, and if he decided to protect our time on her doctoral dissertation, she would not have gone through WAC (Higher Attestation Commission), because for a degree need thick Talmud with formulas and a hefty list of scientific papers. However, we promised not to talk a lot about science. Anyone who is interested can read up, and the one who is "no difference" can do without theory. Even if it is very relative.
Next, I assure you, will not joking. Legend has it that the remains of Einstein on his own free will was buried secretly. And, with it buried the ashes of manuscripts of his last papers, scientists burned before his death. He believed that as long as this knowledge can only do harm to humanity. You, of course, immediately thought of the bomb: hydrogen, neutron or any other. But any bomb over a secret which took Einstein to the grave would be like a child's toy. Not only physicists know that Einstein worked in the last years of his life to create a unified field theory. Its meaning as experts write "mainly consists in that with a single equation to describe the interaction of the three fundamental forces of electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear." Researchers tend to believe that the opening in this area led Einstein to destroy his work. But experts at the Pentagon still had something to sniff out and exploit. In front of them was to create a mechanism that would allow to make ships and planes inconspicuous to the enemy radar. Then I give the place historians of science:
     "The idea to create an electromagnetic field such intensity at which light rays are rolled into a cocoon, making an object invisible for humans, and for the instruments. Einstein, as a theorist of the strongest in the field, are tasked to do the calculations. Was followed by events which have become one of the most interesting mysteries of the twentieth century. 1943 in Philadelphia, there was a mysterious story behind the destroyer "Eldridge." ship, which, according to the present version, were set "invisibility generators" are not simply dropped out of sight of observers and radar screens, and if have fallen into another dimension and there was only some time later with a half-mad crew on board. But, more importantly, perhaps, not even in the disappearance of the ship, and in the mysterious effects that the experiment had on the destroyer crew. sailors With incredible things began to happen: some as would "freeze" — dropped out of the real course of time, while others were completely "dissolved" in the air, never to appear again … "
I hope that you will all become clear without formulas and definitions. So, dear reader, if you are young and full of energy, beris for the study of physics, and you proniknesh the innermost secrets of the universe. And if you are not up to the sciences, that let's you mark the great Einstein few stories that happened to him during his lifetime.
     First. Einstein once walked down the hall at Princeton, and to meet him — the young and on a very malotalantlivy physicist. As they passed the Eynteynom, he unceremoniously slapped him on the shoulder and asked, patronizingly:
— What's up, colleague?
— A colleague? — Einstein asked in surprise. — Are you also suffering from rheumatism?
     Second. One day, going to the Berlin tram, Einstein habitually absorbed in reading. Then, without looking at the conductor, took out of his pocket reckoned in advance at the ticket money.
— There is not enough — said the guard.
— It can not be, — said the scientist, not looking up from his book.
— I tell you — not enough.
Einstein shook his head again, he says, this can not be. The conductor was indignant:
— Then consider, here — 15 pfennig. So it's not enough yet five.
Einstein fumbled his hand in his pocket and really found the right coin. He felt awkward but the guard, smiling, said:
— Do not worry, Grandpa, you just have to learn arithmetic.
     Three. At a reception to Einstein latched, a young lady and offered to join him in an intimate relationship is to make children together. She twittered: "Can you imagine, my dear, they will also be smart as you are and as beautiful as I am!" Einstein politely pulled away from her and said thoughtfully:
"This, of course, great! And suddenly get the opposite?"
     The fourth and last. Einstein loved films of Charlie Chaplin, and with great sympathy for both him and his pathetic characters. One day he sent a telegram to Chaplin: "Your film" Gold Rush "is clear to everybody in the world, and I am sure that you will become a great man. Einstein."
Chaplin said: "I admire you even more. Your theory of relativity does not understand anyone in the world, but you still have a great man. Chaplin."
     Spoke about the great physicist Paul lining (In the note used extracts from the article by Igor Tsarev: The Secret of Albert Einstein and the destroyer "Eldridge")

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