At one point in Europe: goulash as a Christmas gift. In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

The word "turn"We usually associated with a socialist planned economy as its unpopular attribute, which is the emblem of desire and the broad masses of people's use of scarce products. But the phenomenon, as it turned out, just taking root in the country with a market economy in a family of democratic European countries — the EU, despite the ingrained stereotype of well-fed and prosperous state of the "civilized world", which is the main motivator in the desire to become a member even though ally even a candidate for the EU Member States allies, if only to move along the path to a similar well-being. A similar idea was traced, for example, from the text of the well-known article of the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko in last year's issue of the "Mirror of the Week" — as a justification for European integration aspirations of Ukraine. The text refers to the hopes of the people of Ukraine's European integration — and this material would like to give an example of how they are relevant.

On separate pieces of last year's article the former minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine is seen, what is the basis of today need a vector of foreign policy. (The relevance of abstracts has not changed). "The EU is important for us not only as a comfortable home where we want to enter, but as a summary for the construction of its own comfortable home. European integration … — is a circuit implementation of the European recipe of success on Ukrainian soil. " "Europe, even with all of today's dilemmas of their own — it is a way of success for most Ukrainians. It is a symbol of hope that Ukrainian politicians planted Ukrainian voters during the 2-decades. The idea of the future membership of the EU sits firmly in the minds of Ukrainian voters. Focusing on the EU became "common place" for all major political forces in Ukraine. " You should not find fault with logical construction in the argument of the former minister in the form of a closed circle — politikum planted over 2-decades of Ukrainian voters the idea of the future membership as a symbol of hope => the idea of the future membership of the EU sits firmly in the minds of Ukrainian voters => all the leading political forces should focus on the EU, as the thought of the future membership of the EU sits firmly in the minds of Ukrainian voters — even better show the cases where certain phenomena in the framework of the EU, in our case, taking place on Christmas Day in Hungary, it is not the examples of "image of success" and " signs of hope. "

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

"Budapest 12.24.2012:'ve never all been so longish"
I suspect that the "image of success" are the leading Western countries with the highest income levels, even with the highest level of municipal debt, but it is the financial center and owning the highest technology, but even more problematic are the debts of peripheral European countries. In order to avoid a default in exchange for new loans the EU and the IMF require their implementation austerity plan that includes tax increases. If the Greeks desperate protest against austerity measures turning into clashes with the police booming stocks, then in Hungary, many humbly stand in the queue — for charitable distribution of food. Evroromantikam should be more focus on these warning signs.

Not so expressive number of unemployment, municipal debt obligations of the Hungarian people for loans, reducing use the bulk of the Hungarian population, poverty level, as a kind of tremendous bursts for a free hot meal. Happy holiday to mark the Christmas charity events taking place in Hungary before, only now generally recognized, they have broken records — the number and length of queues willing to dole out portions of food. Likely to transmit announcements about these promotions lusted media to convey more humanity countless organizers, but when the number of needy clearly exceeded expectations, turned out a little differently — in the comments to the articles could be met dangerous rhetorical question "should we do it?" Publication " Nepszava »situated sample photo with the headline" Here's what we have come. " As is usual in such cases, the resonance series shares were tightened variety of religious, public and political organizations, municipalities, musicians, athletes, mayors of cities. In passing on the ground throughout Hungary Christmas charity distributing food, goods supply long-term storage, odezhki took part, for sure, most of the political parties and religious denominations (excluding specialized in charity organizations) from ultranationalists from "Jobbik" to the socialists of Krishna to Baptists.

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

Turn to the Hare Krishnas

About the most noticeable shares stories passed all the leading Hungarian TV channels, hit the headlines. The drama set off a few frames transmitted hill provides charitable gesture, but for some reason reminded military reports from the area of fighting. In general, here's a clipping from the Christmas leading news channels and some publications. (I should note that such reviews are often started with charity Krishna — or because they saddled him quite significant area of Pest, or affected long-standing regularity of similar distributions, or Krishna in Hungary became so popular — you can guess).

"This year has been distributed to more servings at a charity distributing hot food on Blaha Luiza than in the past. It is not enough for the usual last years 1000 meals. For a growing number of bloodless — this is the only chance to eat hot food on Christmas. On prazdnichkom in almost all parts of the country are charitable distribution disadvantaged … "Curator Krishna organization" Food for Life "Peterne Xilai:" As we have seen, very many families. A huge number of people come together with the children. Comes in and unlimited number of old people. " (In the picture — my mother, alone has five kids, some of them are chronically ill, and the Nativity is almost nothing left for the ceremonial table, but in personnel reports and photos on the outside can create completely healthy). "… The great mass of gathered an hour before the start to the classical distribution of hot meals Krishnas. Says the lady with the baby, "I managed to go faster, because with the baby let out of turn." "… A very large number of people came together with the children, and that's how this lady who has run out of money at Christmas and that, and so is every year less
and less," Very low on money, and the stock helps me a lot. " More than 10 years of handing out Christmas in this square meal, and every year more and more people in need. Now also squirmed a longish queue for goulash and products with a long shelf life. Many people knew that such a dinner would be just for Christmas, so patiently waited in line. " Mihai Sabov: "In such a situation, when a large mass of people pushing each other, trying as it can be faster to receive a portion of food that is partially understandable." "Across the country, a charitable food distribution suit for Christmas, but people remain hungry and after the holiday." Peterne Xilai, Hare Krishna: "We have received requests from a completely malehankih settlements, when in fact the whole town is out of work, with a request to provide power to about two hundred people, and we can not overstep its capabilities."
Of course, doing charity work not only Hare Krishnas. "In the main square of Kecskemet Sociedad. Karol Wojtyla has handed out 300 portions sekeyskoy cabbage, the organization will need to expect and the New Year. Many … do not have enough money not only on the Christmas tree, and on food. For them handing out food in Budapest and other Hungarian cities. But it is not only the number of poor is growing, and the number of donors. More than 6 million forints listed in the charity campaign ecumenical service. The Baptist Hour of Mercy gathered in front of more than 20 prazdnichkom 2-thousand boxes of gifts. "

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

Diosgyor: distribution organization organizes Rotary Club
"The ecumenical charity organization every day will be handing out food rations to 1000 bloodless and those living in difficult social criteria families. On Saturday in Budapest XIII environment will help provide salting charity Istvan Kovacs (recognizable boxer), Krista D. Toth (recognizable television personality), Ildiko Kerestesh (singer and actress) and Kati Wolf (singer) … "

"In Nyíregyháza, Szolnok, Veszprem, Varpalota, the Father and the Budapest group Bige Holding will distribute 60 thousand needy portions of food during the Christmas prazdnichkom. Lists of needy are 14 charities that transmit and food stamps, with which you can either eat in the restaurant or take food with a … "

Are now in the opposition Socialists organized charity distribution in the different towns, although no secret that the shares are also "a way verbovaniya attention" — in other words, the protest action. That's what read as party functionaries at your event in Csepel, Budapest area, "Hungary — a country where 4 million people live below the poverty line, and 1.5 million people — in the deepest poverty. Fidesz has made the country the government itself, where incomes are taken from the poor and pass them off. Socialists now distribute in Csepel 100 portions of food, knowing that it's not such a big help, but action serves to verbovaniya attention to the problem … Of particular concern should be tested for 450 thousand kids who go hungry in today's Hungary. " (It should be added that the population Hungary — About 10 million, and the responsibility can safely entrust all governed by Hungary last 20 years the political power).

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

Charity in Bekescsaba

Another note with "More than five hundred needy were fed on Dec. 24 after an afternoon in Keszthely Governors Association of Roma communities in Hungary. According to the press secretary of the organization, the square was placed Rakoczy tent, and people in need were treated to goulash, pecan pie and hot tea, regardless of whether they belong to the Roma minority or not. The Association organized a similar charity events in other towns — Budapest, Győr, Miskolc, Kaposvar, Szombathely and Szolnok. "

In some places, the publication pointed out that after the influx of visitors from handing out aid could do nothing, and someone in the comments exclaimed: "Do you think this could be it for Kadare!" (Readers, I think, remember the Hungarian favorite times of socialism.) Hardly numerous religious organizations have the opportunity under the previous structure to organize public actions sonorous, but similar to today was no need. We will not get to the circumstances of impoverishment large part of the population, the purpose of the material I would like to create a somewhat different: show ordinary evroromantikam the terrain of post-Soviet space, which in turn to the comfort and well-being of what they seek.

Once in Europe, goulash as a Christmas gift.  In Hungary, 40% of the population is poor!

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